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Can anyone tell me what weight I would have to be to have a BMI of 23?

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Yorkiegirl · 04/01/2007 16:37

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
MerlinsBeard · 04/01/2007 16:38

i don't know a quick way but you could try entering a desired weight into the calculators instead of your actual weight and do it that way

northender · 04/01/2007 16:39

There's a calculator on the WW ad which is at the top of one of the mn pages at the moment I think. Daren't even consider mine after Christmas!

mancmum · 04/01/2007 16:39

look on the lighterlife website -- good device to show you BMI across lots of weights with body getting fatter and fatter as BMI increases!! Loads of fun!!

jura · 04/01/2007 16:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lorina · 04/01/2007 16:40

I am 5'7" and weigh 10 stone. My BMI is 22 if that helps

northender · 04/01/2007 16:40

Sorry didn't read the message properly, I see what you mean. I have seen it somewhere, Will let you know if I remember where

Yorkiegirl · 04/01/2007 17:31

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
shosha · 04/01/2007 17:37

Message withdrawn

tiger8565 · 05/01/2007 12:07

Bmi is not the best way to judge your "weight" as it does not take into account your build or muscle mass etc... For example Jonny Wilkinson was classed as clinically obese if you work out his BMI, I wouldn't in any way class him as that ...

Do not worry too much, I've been recommended to get down to one of 25, however to do that I believe that I would look pretty anorexic... I am pretty sporty, and quite a bit of muscle, as well as the fat if that doesn't sound too daft...I'd rather keep my curves than lose the weight to get to my BMI....

Get some advice off a doctor/nurse/fitness professional...The last nurse I saw for a checkup laughed at me having to be 9st...IT'S NOT POSSIBLE, I'D LOOK AWFUL....(and she was skinny) however the doc i saw before that said I had to get down to that weight...

Sorry for the long post...It's just something close to home...please be sensible..and don't always rely on the BMI figures...

tiger8565 · 05/01/2007 12:11

I haven't the results the link pumps out..but i reckon it will help, comes in metric and imperial...

kittylette · 05/01/2007 12:18

i measured my bmi, a while ago at 5'7 and 12 stone, it was 26

then i lost half a stone and my doc said my bmi had crept up to 28???

tiger8565 · 05/01/2007 12:25

If i've done it right, your BMI is only 25.2 so don't worry about it

WigWamBam · 05/01/2007 12:27

The Lighterlife BMI calculator is here - you slide the markers along the lines and can see what your BMI would be at any weight.

Although as tiger says, BMI may not be the best indication of problems; waist:hip ratio is meant to be a better guide - there's some more information on finding your waist:hip ratio on this link (scroll down).

Saggarmakersbottomknocker · 05/01/2007 12:38

Lol at that calculator WWB and the person expanding as you move up the scale.

Just put dh in, who at 5ft 9 and at 15 stone has a BMI of 31. that it doesn't allow for the fact that he can run 6 miles in 45 mins. My friends dh is the same height and weighs less than 12 stone. He drinks everyday and smokes at least 20 roll-ups. I know who's fitter!

Yorkie - I'm 5ft 6 and 10st 2 at my slimmest. Anything less and I look dreadful.

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