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Anyone done Rosemary Conleys GI Jean Diet ?

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mummydear · 30/12/2006 08:48

thinking of doing Rosemary Conley GI Diet class in the New Year , anyone done it ?

May not do the exercise bit everyweek as I will be doing other forms of execrcise and hope to start to pick up my running again, but need soemthing to kick start the weight loss.

Hope to lose 2 stone in 6 months.

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Kbear · 30/12/2006 09:03

Yep, there is a whole thread of our ups and downs in this topic! I lost a stone last year (and kept it off over Christmas - yay!). Lots of people lost more. IMO it's a great plan, not faddy, all the family ate the same (DH lost weight without trying!) and it's healthy. I personally loved the exercise bit - we did aerobics and salsa. Also it is good value for money - £5.40 for weighing and a class.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.

mummydear · 30/12/2006 09:08

That what I need something that the whole family can eat , have done weightwatchers in the past but get very bored and hungry !

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Kbear · 30/12/2006 09:11

Can honestly say, wasn't hungry one on this plan (call it a plan not a diet and that in itself is less painful!!).

Whereabouts are you?

mummydear · 30/12/2006 09:12


OP posts:
Kbear · 30/12/2006 09:13

Right, I thought you were in Kent (like me) which is why I asked. Don't know why I thought that!!!

Anyway, I have to go on a shoe shopping expedition for school shoes for DD - oh hell!

See you soon for updates!

mummydear · 30/12/2006 09:15

Thanks , shall probably join week after next when kids have gone back to school.

Shall keep you updated , happy shopping !

OP posts:
Crackle · 30/12/2006 09:46

I started a few weeks ago and rather surprisingly like the exercise bit a lot. Excellent music and a bit of a giggle. I'm now going to look for more aerobic classes after years of being a solitary gym go-er.

The first two weeks of the plan are, to my mind, very silly. Extremely low cal and no booze. I have been dieting on and off for a year so I didn't need the boost of a quick crash diet and would have found it very hard to stick to anyway. I just did my own thing. Compared to other slimming clubs, it is extremely simplistic but follows the common sense rules of eat less, exercise more. Much less chat or special methods than SW or WW.

The diet generally is very easy as you just need to look at everything with one question in mind; is this under 5% fat. Normal family cooking fits in well.

Honestly, the exercise is the best bit. Lots of older ladies doing what they can but a good sweat for the fitter members followed by a cup of tea and a natter.

EeyoreIsFab · 30/12/2006 11:26

I started this last year - it was easy to keep to & DH was happy with meals too. I was doing really well until I became pg with DS1 - just getting ready to start all over again!

RoundTheBend · 30/12/2006 17:36

I just bought the Ultimate Gi Jeans diet book today so I shall be following this thread with interest! I plan to start January 1st. I would like to lose nearly 3 stone but would be over the moon with 2st 7lbs. I am working towards a sun drenched holiday in August. Already ear-marked the bikini I want from M&S, just need to be able to get into it now!

mummydear · 31/12/2006 15:01

I got the book today aswell, Waterstones £2 off RRP. Will start reading it tomorrow !

Anyway will not be able to join a class until week after next but steremined to eat sensibily as from tomorrow .

OP posts:
thundercat · 01/01/2007 17:04

I live in Spain but am home for Christmas, haven't found any groups in my area so I will just have to do the book (bought it for myself for Christmas). Don't think I'll be able to go to a gym so I'll have to drag my bike out and get cycling. Hope it works!

Kbear · 01/01/2007 17:07

good luck everyone - I can vouch for this plan - it works well for all the family to eat.

Things to remember when you're serving your meals that will keep you on track....

think small, think half of what you usually eat, think one potato not four, think lots of veg to fill the gap on your plate, think about a treat to have every day so you don't feel hard done by, keep away from fast food places, plan ahead so you're not caught without a low fat dinner!

oxocube · 02/01/2007 09:16

RC was on breakfast tv this morning. The amount of weight she says her students/guinea pigs lost in such a short time was extraordinary. She says they all kept the weight off too. Think I might buy this for my mum who is trying to loose about a stone

Kbear · 02/01/2007 13:04

I stopped going and kept the weight steady for four months (then Christmas happened - bugger!) but back on the straight and narrow now. Quite glad to stop eating chocolates!

Going swimming in a minute too - my favourite stress buster.

mummydear · 04/01/2007 09:28

WOOOOW ! weighed myself this morning and I knew that the weight was creeping back on but have put a stone on since stopping the running !

So it starts today , I shall use the book initally.

2 stone to lose ! ( and a bit more if i can !)

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