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Wanting to get into a bikini for the summer!!!

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tammybear · 19/05/2004 21:46

All my life, Ive only ever managed to have the body for a bikini once, and that was just when I found out I was pregnant with dd. That didn't last too long (toned stomach that is).

Ive got a holiday end of August, and would want to be able to back into my bikini, however I need some advice on how's the best way to try and tone my stomach again.

Anyone got any ideas? Tried to stick to doing 40 situps a day, but that didnt last too long

OP posts:
MadameButterfly · 19/05/2004 21:50

I don't think I will be able to get into a bikini this year, but hopefully for my cruise next year.

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