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Slimming world or weight watchers???

Le1890 · 04/01/2016 20:46

Hi All

So I'm jumping on the new year new me bandwagon and looking for opinions and experiences please?

I have done ww in the past liked it at the time although didn't stick to it. Slimming world is what I've don't in recent years and had some success but again I give up!!

I want to start again (for probably the millionth time). It's got to the point where I won't go to places where I might meet people from me pre babies weight (7 years ago of size 8-10), for fear of them seeing how disgusting I've become. I'm now a size 16/18 and I hate what I see. I won't go to local shopping centres etc or my old area. I decline party invites - the only parties I go to are kids soft play!!! I'm fine where I live now because everyone I know here knows me since having kids and don't know what I was like before. I just feel like such a failure to have let myself get to this point. :(


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Mincepies76 · 04/01/2016 20:52

I signed up for WW online today. I want my money back! Pro-points has become Smart Points and as far as I can tell, most foods have increased in points value and you can't eat much!
I hate being hungry, and fruit and veg doesn't always cut it! Others may love it, but I've decided to go it alone. I know what to eat and what not to eat. If I have the willpower I will be ok and WW and SW don't increase that for me...
Best of luck to you, I know how you feel with regards to body image and self esteem. Can't bear to look at myself really x

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