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Need to lose a 'little' weight before it becomes a lorra weight

JeSuisUnaStubbs · 20/11/2015 11:34

My weight is just going up and up and I need to tackle it before it becomes a huge mountain to get back down.

I'm 11 stone 2 but feel most comfortable around 10 stone. I'm tall so carry extra weight well which is why I've not done anything about it really - I've only 'played' at trying to lose it and never been that committed. My target is end of February because I'm very aware there is Xmas looming and there's no point being unrealistic!

I carry the weight mainly around my stomach which I know is very bad. My waist size is huge and I have back fat, but my limbs look normal. I'm starting to buy clothes a size bigger because nothing in my wardrobe fits me any more Blush

I think I need to cut out alcohol because I take in far too many calories that way. I also need to up my exercise so I'm digging out my weights this weekend and hitting the road for a run. Thinking of joining Slimming World but not sure...

If there is anyone else who has a stone or so to lose, please join me on this thread!

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daftbesom · 21/11/2015 13:35

Hi Una I am in the same boat - weight was creeping up and I called a halt at 11st 8lbs Shock - have started a new regime and so far (2 weeks in) am loving how quickly the weight is falling off - already 11 st 1 and keen to keep going although I think it is bound to slow a bit. Appropriate weight for my height is 8 st - 11 st (British Heart Foundation figures). Aiming for 10 st 1 or 2.

I like sticking to a routine and not having to think too hard. I have cut out sugary/ starchy snacks and modified my meal habits. I now have:

  • poached egg for breakfast with toast soldiers for dipping (no spread)
  • a salad lunch made with my favourite veggies (currently chopped red cabbage, half a bell pepper, grated carrot and a handful of walnuts and raisins. Tiny bit of low-cal dressing. Sometimes homemade veg soup instead.
  • normal dinner with family though DH is well-briefed not to cook anything too fatty and I make sure I have plenty veg and only small portions of pasta/ rice if they are part of the meal. I have a tiny little glass of wine (I put it in a sherry glass so it looks more attractive than a teeny splash in a big glass) and lots of water.

    I have a piece of fruit whenever I like (within reason!) - also have 0% fat Greek yogurt as a dessert after my dinner, not whatever sugary stuff everyone else is having.

    Am avoiding cheese, chocolate and butter. I really don't feel hard done by. I think the egg for breakfast helps me not feel hungry during the morning.

    It is working so far! And what is good is I think I could do this indefinitely although when I get to my goal weight I will have to add something so I don't fade away!

    Tell me what you are doing and how the exercise is going. I cycle but that's about all.
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indigo88 · 21/01/2016 19:24

How are doing?

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