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Lardy Ladies Weigh-in Club - 28 Nov

11 replies

HeavyBee · 28/11/2006 10:49

OK, ladies, here we go this week - good luck!

OP posts:
pesme · 29/11/2006 08:04

hi 10 6 for me this week, had abit of a drunken weekend.

good luck everyone else! thanks for the thread and the charts!

HeavyBee · 29/11/2006 13:24

Well, I'm still neither up nor down, but I guess if I just lose a pound or two a month that would be fine in the long run (although it will be a very long run at this rate). Do other people find it really hard to lose weight at this time of year?

OP posts:
Smalline · 30/11/2006 20:02

Yes Heavybee I too find it hard to lose weight this time of year, I fancy hot soup and sandwiches instead of salads for lunch, hot custard and tarts/sponge puddings instead of fruit, my mouth is watering at the moment
Have managed to stay the same this week.
Well done and good luck everyone.

Liv321 · 30/11/2006 20:22

hmmm... me too. 12-5 AGAIN

pesme · 30/11/2006 20:32

yep those long dark evenings with hot chocolate or vats of wine glowing out of the gloom. its a struggle. still i reckon even breaking even over the next few weeks is a boon. heaven help us over christmas

Smalline · 30/11/2006 20:40

Yes please help us over Christmas, my worst nightmare is for me to put back on all the weight that I have lost so far and then spend all of 2007 losing it again It could happen if I'm not careful.

HeavyBee · 01/12/2006 09:43

We are NOT going to put on all our lost weight over Christmas, we're JUST NOT. We all feel better for having lost as much as we have, but we also appreciate that there will be temptations. So one aim for Christmas should be not to gain anything. Actually losing weight over the break might be difficult (well, ok, maybe impossible for some of us), but we can probably all manage not to gain, what do you think? Actual weight loss would then be a double bonus! We can start the new year then without that hideous sinking feeling...

OP posts:
pesme · 01/12/2006 16:35

is it possible to not put on weight over christmas? i am looking forward to christmas but dreading the weight gain. my danger points are

guiness - i am going back to ireland so it will be obligatory, and it is practically an offense to refuse a drink.
sweeties - just too many lying around.
not being at home and therefore out of control.

HeavyBee · 04/12/2006 11:12

Christmas Dinner, though huge, is only really a problem if you eat it every day. It's the snacks in between all the other meals that cause the trouble. Many years ago I gave up eating sweeties and chocolates over Christmas, and the first year it was difficult, but after that I haven't noticed. I don't drink much either, a glass of wine is as much as I ever have. But then, none of these are my downfall. I just eat too much at mealtimes, and I like cake. Sigh.

OP posts:
jambuttie · 05/12/2006 08:33

12 1 for me- i will run now

HeavyBee · 05/12/2006 10:08

Dear all, the new page is here - good luck, everyone, don't give up! Think how much better we feel this year than last year!

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