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need to lose 8lbs mininum in 3 weeks - how????

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issywoo · 06/05/2004 09:24

i have a 10 week old and a 3yr old and we're off on hols in 4 weeks. at the moment i am a stone over weight so can't get any of my summer clothes on and we haven't really got the spare cash for me to go shopping. if i lose 8 pounds i'm sure i can fit into something i have already. we're going to be in a place where other friend are by coincidence and they are thin and gorgeous so i need to feel semi decent about myself (and yes they do have kids)
any tips?

OP posts:
Kittypickle · 06/05/2004 09:30

Yes, have a go at WW. They have a guarentee at the moment that you will lose 7lbs in 4 weeks or you get a free week. I know that doesn't quite add up, but hopefully if you follow the points system and spend your points on healthy food, make sure you eat your five portions of fruit & veg, drink lots of water, make sure you get enough protein and try to exercise you will shift it. Good luck.

Heathcliffscathy · 06/05/2004 09:32

i lost 6 lb in first two weeks of ww online...if you stick to the points, you will have a good chance of losing it i reckon...hth!

marthamoo · 06/05/2004 09:33

I lost 7lbs in my first week on WW. I have now (week 7) lost 1 stone and 1 pound. Give it a go! They have a week's free trial online at the moment so if you do it for a week free you can print off as much information, recipes, points trackers as possible. Good luck!

koo · 06/05/2004 09:34

Have you got a double buggy? If you walk as fast as you can whilst pushing your kids for half an hour a day you will really see a difference quickly.

Codswallop · 06/05/2004 09:41

Now do you want the Coddy treatment? I can boss lilke no tomorrow! I will be the Harvey of Mn!

issywoo · 06/05/2004 09:42

just bought a double buggy so will power walk whenever i can. i am doing my pelvic floor exercises too as the physio says she can get 3 fingers between my stomach muscles - nice eh?!
whats the url for online ww? will definitely try it you've all given me some hope! now all i have to do is get ds to sleep at night!

OP posts:
issywoo · 06/05/2004 09:44

whats the coddy treatment?

OP posts:
Lisa78 · 06/05/2004 19:05

issy, whenever I lose a chunk in a week, its because I have walked all over the place! Its bloody knackering too, but I try and walk for 40 -60 mins every other day, and do it at a brisk pace. That way, I seem to lose it a lot faster than just dieting alone. The best way - for me anyway - seems to be to do the walking thing an hour or two before my main meal but any sort of walking is good
Inbetween days, get cleaning, ironing etc
Lots of luck - if all else fails, there is always primark!

Codswallop · 06/05/2004 19:09

I can boss you and give you go dtips? have just lost postnatal weight fro ds3 (1) and am exoert ww

tell us what you are eating at the mo + how tall you are

Hulababy · 06/05/2004 19:37

I lost 7lbs in my first 2 weeks of WW too.

CountessDracula · 06/05/2004 19:40

issywoo are you breastfeeding? If not then cut out bread, potatoes and pasta and rice and stick to low fat stuff and you will do it.

Codswallop · 06/05/2004 19:49

and no snacking

issywoo · 07/05/2004 22:32

coddy, here's my form: 5ft 5 and my usual natural weight is 8stone (i am used to eating exactly what i like). i went up to 11st 3 but am now 10 weeks post partum 9st 6. i wouldn't normally worry as i know the weight will come off eventually but we're going on hols in early june and my botty, thighs and tummy are big compared to the rest of me. i can't get on any of my pre preg clothes and can't justify going shopping.
my stomach muscles are 3 fingers apart and i'm doing the exercises the physio gave me but i still look dreadful even in a one piece.
what advice can you give me coddy?

OP posts:
Sonnet · 18/05/2004 14:32

issywoo - whats happening - was reading this avidly and mentally cheering you on and then it has left me hanging in mid air.....or else Coddys regime as left you unable to type

coddycodcod · 18/05/2004 14:35

ooh missed this Im!
hav e friend here now
more later

coddycodcod · 18/05/2004 16:20

right what is your breaksfast - I recommend a bowl of shresdies or branflakes and abanana - keeps me going till 12 30.

Lunch veg soup salad and hardly any dressing with tuna or an egg

supper grilled fish / chicken and loadsa veg

No carbs and no cheese

amkje sureyou eat the 5 potions of fruit/veg a day

coddycodcod · 18/05/2004 16:21

snacks =cherry toms, rice cakes, crackers raisins fruit

coddycodcod · 18/05/2004 16:24

one glass of wine a day if you have stuck to the r egime or I will send around the heavvies

Piffleoffagus · 18/05/2004 17:00

Jaysus I would kill to be 9st 6!!!! I am nealry so nearly there shed 1/2 stone on 2 weeks of ww, just under 10st now, but not every day

After 2 weeks on WW, tips being
WATER -- why does anyone know why water helps???
Quakers Apple Danish rice cakes, kill sweet cravings.
Carrot sticks and low fat humous
how many ways can you grill a chicken breast and serve it with salad?

Sonnet · 19/05/2004 11:37

Calling Coddy...
If I eat this ( was planning to anyway but no wheat or dairy either)
and swim twice a week and run 4 times a week how much can I expect to loose in 5 weeks?

Sonnet · 19/05/2004 11:38

OH and NO WINE - my downfall!!

coddycodcod · 19/05/2004 11:48

sonnet! I lost 10/12 lbs in 3 months but was not as assiduous as I usually am - in the past went from 11st 2 to 9 st 8 int 3 months but that was pre kids
have never got back to 11 stone!

Um ...Jan till march I think it was


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coddycodcod · 19/05/2004 11:55


Sonnet · 19/05/2004 11:56

bl*y e** Coddy - 11st 2 to 9st 8 in three months
A challenge for you:
If you were me what would you do?

coddycodcod · 19/05/2004 12:04

ok will start a new thread

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