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I joined the gym last week and im actualy enjoying it

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Fattymumma · 07/11/2006 23:20

my sister gets reduced rates at the local gym through her work so she wanted to go and see what it was like.
as she doesn't drive she asked if i would go with her, well i wanted to get some info on swimming lessons anyway so said i would come in with her.

well i ended up joining! its £35 a month which is good cos thats less money to spend on cakes. but i have gad my very own fitness regime written for me, get a personal trainer once a week, all the classes are free and the kids clubs are all half price for DS and completly free for DD.

had my induction last week and although i have only managed to get there once since i am really enjoying it, i actually feel more confident about loseing the weight.

plus as its costing me quite a lot i will have that extra motivation not to just waste £35 every month.

as i have somewherer near 10stone to lose its a good job im enjoying it thats for sure

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Fattymumma · 07/11/2006 23:21

oh and if anyone ever goes to K2 in crawley and fancies meeting up let me know

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CountessDracula · 07/11/2006 23:22

yes it is enjoyable for about 2 weeks i always find

Seriously, well done you, keep it up!

Fattymumma · 07/11/2006 23:24

lol thats what im worried about. im not confident enough to go alone and my sister os so skinny im worried she wont take itr as seriously and stop coming with me....and i sall forever be a lard arse.

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