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Need to lose a stone by xmas

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jampots · 01/11/2006 22:12

Preferably before though.

5 x 45 min brisk walk
3 x 20 sit ups 4 times a week
sitting om gym ball whereever possible
doing the plank on gym ball
swimming 45 mins per week
5 x 10 mins rebounding each week

right now can someone advise me what to eat in order to do that?

no dairy, oats, oranges though

OP posts:
KBear · 01/11/2006 22:20

reduce your portion sizes of everything

more veg, less potatoes/rice/pasta, lean meat/pref chicken, more fish, hearty breakfast so less reason to pick mid morning! Add beans, pulses, lentils to soups and stews etc to pad out, keeps you full for longer.

Good luck

(I just lost 16 lbs following GI diet - keeps your blood sugar steady - no hunger pangs).

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