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Need to loose wieght, but......

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jofeb04 · 31/10/2006 15:37

I am addicted to coke and chocolate! I know that sounds stuid, but, if I don't have coke for a few days, I have headaches, sickness etc.

Any what is best, going it alone with healthy eating, or joining a group, wieghtwaters or slimming world etc?

Im also really busy, two young dc, college course, uni course and self employed, so don't do many meals, apart from the dc.


OP posts:
Furball · 31/10/2006 16:49

The headaches are from caffine withdrawal from the coke. Honestly, stick with it to wean yourself off or switch to diet coke. You have to look at what you actually eat now, so try to write down a few days worth of things that have actually passed your lips (keep a pen a paper in your bag so you don't forget, you might feel less inclined to eat something if written infront of you it says this is your 2nd chocolate bar or something.

Then you need to find something that fits in with you and your lifestyle. It sounds like you don't have time to go to a slimming group but both Weight Watchers or Slimming World are good. it is probably best to cook your own stuff as that way you know exactly whats in it. It doesn't mean slogging away for hours infront of stove. Grilled chicken breasts take about 5 mins in a foreman grill or similar, so write here the sort of things you like and hopefully you can get ideas of quick and easy things to make.

wheelsanddollbaby · 01/11/2006 21:22

I am addicted to coke too. I haven't had a can for about a week now and I really miss it. I find that if I drink diet coke I feel even more hungry and I eat more rubbish than if I drink the normal coke. I am not sure if it's the bubbles but I just love it. I wean myself off by drinking other fizzy drinks that I don't like e.g.tango and hence I don't drink as much. Then I move onto still fruit drinks and then water. The trouble is if I feel stressed I reach out for a can of coke and then I am hooked again. I am sure that coke contributes to my weight problems but I struggle not to drink it everyday. So many diets say that low calorie soda is okay but I find that it sabotages my regieme and they leave me starving. I feel better when I don't drink coke but then I drink more coffee to compensate.

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