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Can I join the weightloss club and am I mad?

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JennH · 25/04/2004 16:37

I am disgustingly fat ABout 4-5 stone overweight. So very very depressing.

For the past 3 weeks I have been dieting and so far have lost probably 4-5 pounds?

I am not doing WW or SW just eating healthily. Lots of fruit and veg, healthy simple dinners, and no snacking in between meals. Vaguly calorie aware, but not much. Is that ok? My friends say I am potty for not following a program.

Also because it just depresses me I am not weighing myself weekly. I just get depressed and down so i am aiming for monthly where I see real results. So can I join if i don't know how much I have lost?

Oh and doing 30 mins yoga on non-work days and 10 mins of yoga on work days. 30 sit ups and 10-15 mins cardio daily. Is that enough exercise? I am also on my feet pretty much all day when working...

My short term aim is a stone by June for my dds christening, so I think i am heading in the right direction

Pleassssssse can I join

OP posts:
glitterfairy · 25/04/2004 17:13

Oh Jennh you sound so much better behaved than me. You have really tried and seem to be putting so much in order. I havenet joined but am thinking of doing it but again like you dont want to face weight horror! Prefer to use measurements or dress sizes.Anyway have you read the ten stones thread as you are definately not disgustingly fat, I am fatter but beautiful! Dont put yourself down! :0

Earlybird · 25/04/2004 17:18

JennH - sounds as if you're making a huge effort, and you're to be congratulated for that. My sister, who is a personal trainer, advises 30 mins of cardio 5x per week for weight loss purposes. Sounds alot to me, but there you go.

As far as weight coming off slowly - yes, it is hard when you've made such a radical change to your lifestyle and eating. However, they say that weight lost slowly tends to stay off. Also, I think that as I added the excess weight gradually, it will probably go gradually too. But, like you, sometimes it's hard to be patient and keep motivated. Good luck, and keep posting.

Chinchilla · 25/04/2004 20:42

JennH - you seem to be doing it all correctly to me! It IS a slow process, so weighing yourself monthly is a fab idea, and one that my diet club is trying to encourage. If you can wait that long to weigh then you will see a larger result, which is always more encouraging that a lb each week. If you decide to weigh yourself more often than that, don't do it any more than once a week, because weight fluctuates daily.

You will lose weight at the beginning of your dieting 'campaign', because you have a few stone to lose. However, if you get to a plateau stage someway down the line, then it might be time to start calorie counting, as people get complacent about the odd nibble here and there eventually. Those are the things that can nobble a dieter.

Good luck.

champs · 25/04/2004 22:04

hi jen!! well done on your weight loss so far . the guidelines state that a loss of 1-2 lbs a week is best for our health so you are well on track. I know how you feel tho and would love to be able to loose every one of those extra lbs I've got NOW!! but some advice that someone gave me was that the weight didn't come on overnight so wont be lost overnight.

glitterfairy · 25/04/2004 22:10

Have to ask champs? The weight came on like a miracle I did nothing but eat how come it doesnt come off like that as well?

champs · 25/04/2004 22:53
JennH · 25/04/2004 23:05

Thanks for the support

Actually I the willpower of a saint so i don't mind in a way the time it will take because i know it will happen...I think after the first stone I will feel 100% better.

OP posts:
champs · 25/04/2004 23:33

another bit of motivation ( i have mentioned this on another thread so srry if you have read already!!)

save a £ each lb you loose, when you get down to your goal you will have some money to spend on some new clothes.

Demented · 26/04/2004 22:52

JennH, you are doing really well! If you need some extra encouragement and would like to be put on the MN Mamas spreadsheet just mail me at mn.bigmamas(at)virgin(dot)net with your starting weight, goal weight (if any), then just drop me an email every Thursday with your loss for the week and you will be included in the Friday night announcement. We celebrate milestones, first half stone etc and aim to provide motivation.

glitterfairy · 27/04/2004 17:08

HI Jennh how are you doing. Am so impressed by your motivation. I have the willpower of peanut and cannot resist anything apart from brown rice! (sorry doing detox whihc I have done for five days now)

JennH · 27/04/2004 19:50


I am doing great thanks for asking. I am trying to eat more fruit though. I have a fudge bar in the fridge waiting to be eaten tonight I haven't had any sweets/cakes/biscuits in about 2 weeks.

OP posts:
glitterfairy · 27/04/2004 21:09

Fudge bar yum! Am just eating tuna salad and a fudge bar would be soooo nice!

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