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how much have you lost/put on this year?

7 replies

hatoff · 14/10/2006 16:02

Another year nearly over, xmas fast approaching and I'm feeling like a failure once again. Has anyone actually lost weight this year?

Me first... I've managed to lose 3lbs but am in the process of piling it all back on and more if I don't stop eating now! 3lbs in 9 months! This should be in the feeling low section really.

OP posts:
Donbean · 14/10/2006 16:03

2 stone, and have kept it off for 12 months now.

hatoff · 14/10/2006 16:19

donbean but well done you!

I'm a failure.

OP posts:
Donbean · 14/10/2006 16:23

Not a failure, not at all hatsy!

Its a food thing, you have to have it.

Have you tried this well known donbean technique for weight loss:

break chocolate bar/bicky/cake firmly in half as this allows all calories and fat to escape into the air.

3sEnough · 14/10/2006 16:29

Donbean - LOL at your suggestion!

hatoff · 14/10/2006 16:45


OP posts:
pookey · 14/10/2006 17:10

Think I gain more now than when I gave birth last year. We have talking weighing scales so I havent plucked up courage to weigh myself I am sure the buscuit thing is true; breaking it alone must use up loads of calories and then there are the escaping crumbs to consider ...

jampots · 14/10/2006 17:15

Ive lost 2 stone this year so far am aiming for another stone before xmas

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