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Which diet should i try? any experts out there?

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nightowl · 16/04/2004 03:30

Hi all,
im 9 1/2 stone and looking to lose 1 1/2. Im going back to work soon (office environment) so i need something that will be easy to follow at work aswell as home. I have yogalates videos and thai bo but tbh i find them very boring. i have absolutely no idea where to start. its impossible for me to go to the gym or slimming classes so i thought about buying one of those walking type machines to use at home. Would appreciate any ideas

OP posts:
robinw · 16/04/2004 06:21

message withdrawn

Codswallop · 16/04/2004 07:17

weight watchers

easy to understand, the fear of the meetings and also a very adaptable diet that allows for eating out and excersise

I have lost a stone post natally htere and years ago lost 1.5 stone in 3 months - never really put it back on again apart from after ds3

miffi · 16/04/2004 07:20

Until this March I'd never gone on a diet before but was feeling like I was getting bigger and bigger and had to try to reverse it. Have been doing slimming World by using their magazines and internet. Need to loose about a stone, so far have lost 10lb, but have also started exercising 4x a week.So that's what I'd recommend, but havn't tried any others. I like SW 'cos you can still eat lots!!

JeniN · 16/04/2004 11:33

You can have my walker machine if you like...I won it in a competition a few years ago, have used it quite a bit, particularly good if you've got an injury or when pregnant (it's non-weight-bearing exercise). But are you fairly fit now or not? I'd only recommend it for 'beginners fitness' or rehab from injury or if someone's very overweight (you're obviously not), otherwise you need to work a bit harder to get any benefit, IMO. Those nordic ski machines are probably the best for all round home fitness, I should think. Diet-wise, what i do (I've lost a stone so far, 2 to go), is put together a healthy eating plan I know I like and can stick to, then if i lose weight I keep going, if I don't I take something out of my meal plan (e.g. swap a snack bar for an apple). good luck.

nightowl · 16/04/2004 19:24

Im not very fit at all. i let it all go to pot when pg. How much do you want for it JeniN?

OP posts:
JeniN · 17/04/2004 09:46

Nothing nightowl, honestly, but it's quite big so I'm not sure it would be practical to post? I'm in the Bristol/Bath area - any good? DH is always wanting me to get rid of it, but I think it's in quite good nick and should go to a good home. Feel free to get in touch via 'contact another talker' if you want to arrange...I'll keep checking this thread too.

manna · 17/04/2004 10:20

I lost over 2 stone after my son was born - I know it's not healthy long term, but you can't beat atkins for the first bit, then sensible eating plus exercise. The atkins gives you the boost - up to 1/2 stone in a couple of weeks, then just when your sick of it, you can switch to healthy / low fat plus low carb. eating. I'm a chef, so didn' do the whole atkins, as bacon and eggs every day made me feel sick, but I did cut out all carbs (except for a few low carb. fruit and veg i couldn't live without) for a couple of weeks, then just continued with cutting out all obvious carbs, like bread, rice, potatoes, root vegetables, pulses, pasta etc. , plus sugary things, plus low fat. It worked like a dream for me, but you must exercise as well, even if it's only walking.

StripyMouse · 17/04/2004 10:28

I wish I was 9 and a half...sigh...
I have tried the lot (and I really do mean the lot).
Atkins was effective - got me down to a size ten easily for my wedding - but was difficult to follow for a long time and after dropping it, the weight came piling back on. It is difficult to follow socially and if you like bread, friuit and veg, pasta etc. it is hard work - also need to lurvve meat. It did give me bad breath and piles as well
The weight watchers was great, felt more healthy and liked a lot of the food. All the counting and portion size was my downfall and guessed, cheated and lost the plot. Still, in principle was good.
The blood type diet - what a hoot. Loved the book but sounded too silly to go through with so a bit prejudiced there.
The beach diet - I found quite expensive and stopped after two weeks - got a heavy cold and craved chocolate, what can you do?!!
The weightwatchers diet - ah, now there is a different story. It is a healthy eating plan that doesn?t weigh out portion sizes, so has the advantage of the Atkins, is flexible (syn system) so you don?t feel like chucking it in after a double decker, you can just take it in your stride, and has a wide range of food. We love it. DH has lost almost 2 stone since Christmas - slow and gentle loss and still eats liek a horse, just more healthily. I have not done quite so well,t hanks to Easter, but it is working and people have commented on me looking healthier.

StripyMouse · 17/04/2004 10:29

oops the last one that I liked I emant to type in Slimming World, not weight watchers..

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