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Which GI book to follow?

6 replies

Lulu41 · 28/09/2006 13:39

Anybody recommend one that wont blind me with science - thanks

OP posts:
Saker · 28/09/2006 20:00

Rick Gallop ones are quite good to start off with although the recipes are not overly exciting and he does favour the use of sweetener which some people prefer to avoid. I have heard a lot of people recommend Helen Forster (or is it Foster?).

robin3 · 29/09/2006 09:22

Like the Helen Foster one best because it has very easy lists to follow and a great index of all foods at the back and the recipes are nice.

MoonFrog · 29/09/2006 16:30

The GL Diet - Nigel Denby
The Greek Doctor's Diet, Beyond GI - Dr Fedon Alexander Lindberg (really good little book)
Good luck.

Lulu41 · 02/10/2006 09:26

Thanks - not managed to get a book yet will go out today and get one - thanks for the recommendations

OP posts:
sunnywong · 29/12/2006 10:09


has this kind of diet come and gone as a passing fad? I haven't read anything about it on here for ages?

I have The Low Gi Diet cookbook by Jennie Brand-Miller, she what invented it I think. It looks fab. I wondered if anyone else is going to use this way of eating to shift the xmas rolls and would liike to be a buddy?

Kbear · 29/12/2006 10:44

I followed the Low-GI diet and it works, I was never hungry. It was a slow but sure plan, lost 1-2lbs per week until I lost a stone. Have lost the plot over Christmas (she says sitting here eating shortbread!) but next Monday is D-day and I'm back being sensible.

I went to Rosemany Conley BTW.

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