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Lighter Life - yuck!

20 replies

jojo28 · 25/09/2006 10:48

Anyone else finding the lighter life food disgusting. I am really dissapointed by the shakes and soups. They taste foul and are so thin. I thought the shakes would be thick and filling but they are very watery and chalky tasting. Some of the bars I have actually spat out and I am skipping some of the shakes because I find them so grosse. Does any one else feel the same?

OP posts:
bubbaloo · 25/09/2006 10:56

How much water are you ading to the shakes?
I haven't done LL but have recently lost quite a bit of weight on the Cambridge Diet which is very similar and I enjoyed the shakes,soups and bars and thought they tasted nice.At first i added too much water but then just stuck to 227mls and they weren't runny and were lovely and frothy.
Good luck with the diet-it's fab for fast weight loss.

emily05 · 25/09/2006 11:24

jojo - like bubbaloo I have done (and still doing) cambridge. there are some things I dont like - but overall they all taste nice.

this guy lost loads of weight on the diet (he started on ll) on his website there are loads of recipes that you can do with the food packs - which are great.

I add tabasco sauce (about 10 drops) and black pepper to my soups.

lazycow · 25/09/2006 12:31


I fopund them awful at fist but I did get used to them - my tatebuds did change (I lost 4stone in 31/2 months BTW)


Use a blender for the shakes, the mixer they gave me was useless and you get loads of lumps - yk!!

Don't use too much water

Try some of the recepies - I looked forward to my evening popadum!!

Have you tried the chocolate shake with 220 ml of hot water - use a blender and ass a couple of sweeteners. It was quite a nice hot chcolate drink.

dabihp · 25/09/2006 14:38

how much is ll and cambridhe diet per week?

vickiyumyum · 25/09/2006 14:47

i did lighter life last year and found it was disgusting bu ti did lose almost a stone in my first week, but then i found out i was pregnant and had to stop and have since gained that weight i am tempted to go back to lighter life a si know it works but it is emotionall yand physically hard work, and all that water!
i hated the taste of all of the packs and even when made up into the recipes such as crisps and ice cream i still hated them the only consolation is that they work!
a woman at the school has lost over 10stone with them, but she says that now she has started back on real food it is difficult to keep it off and she is already gaining and keeps a food diary of everything that passes her lips but still is gaining.

lighter life is £65 a week! another obstacle keeping me from going abck at the moment as i don't have £65 a week ot spare.

dabihp · 25/09/2006 14:53

£65 a week!

What about cambridge?

vickiyumyum · 25/09/2006 14:53

just looked on the cambridge diet site and it says £30-£35 a week for women, i have emailed them!

jojo28 · 25/09/2006 15:23

Why is Cambridge Diet cheaper..... is it basically the same thing as Lighter Life? Any one tried both? Which tasted better? Thanks for tips will try them all!

OP posts:
vickiyumyum · 25/09/2006 21:02

i have done lighter life in the past and it was good i.e i lost lots of weight, but it is so expensive and it is even more expensive now.

i contacted the cambridge diet rep for my area and she si coming round next week, so thats another good thing for c.d that they come to you so at a time convenient for you, not a group meeting in someones house or an office block somewhere.

emily05 · 26/09/2006 07:57

cambridge is cheaper because there is no counselling - compared to ll. LL has a group feel - whereas with cambridge I turn up, get weighed have a chat with my rep and then go. (which is what I prefer)

It costs me £32.50 a week. I think it is the best diet I have ever done. I have lost over 5 stones since 3 and a half months. my brother is also on the diet and has lost 7.

bubbaloo · 26/09/2006 18:05

I also agree that the CD is by far the best diet and the easiest to follow that I've ever done and if I wasn't pg now,I would carry on with it and lose the rest that I need to.

dabihp · 26/09/2006 19:40

emily05- 5 st in 3 months! wow, u think it will stay off?

what about saggy skin with such dramaitc weight loss, that woudl worry me...

vickiyumyum · 26/09/2006 21:00

wow emily05 that fantastic.

the consultant is coming to me a week tomorrwo, she comes to me at a time to suit and i don't have to go out, you get a small amount of counselling but nothing like ll, which is aprt fo waht put me off to be honest as i thought most of it was a load of bs.

will let you know how i ge ton, now got to tell my mum i'm not going to slimming world anymore, as we go as a group, my mum, my sister, my nan and me, so she'll proabbly moan, but i know cd will work better than slimming world as i cheat to easily on slimming world

emily05 · 27/09/2006 10:58

thanks guys. I am doing my best to make sure that this is long term. I have been trying to loose weight for a long time and the cambridge diet was my last hope.

The last 3 months has given me time to reflect on why I was over eating (I have been reading dr phils weightloss challenge book which has helped) I have also discovered a new love of food! even though I am not eating - I still prepare food for dh and ds. I am starting to really enjoy cooking and can smell all of the spices and appreciate what I am cooking - whereas before I used to just stuff my face!

I am also doing exercise and thai chi. this diet has given me a new lease of life - when I started 3 months ago I was almost 19 stone and very reclusive and ashamed of my size. Even though I have some way to go yet I feel fantastic.

The skin issue - I use bio oil every day and have a slender tone. I am going to have some loose skin - because I was so heavy (at my biggest I was 21 stone) I think once I have decided I wont have anymore children I will probably have a tummy tuck! lol

emily05 · 27/09/2006 11:02

vickiyumyum - good luck with the consultant.

here are a couple of forums I use (they cover cambridge and ll)both excellent for help and advice




emily05 · 27/09/2006 11:02

2nd link again

vickiyumyum · 27/09/2006 21:00

thanks for those, i am excited and can't wait unit wednesday now for her to coem so i can get started. i ahve aquite a lot to lose too so will be buying some bio oil if you think it really helps, wish i could afford the tummy tuck, not bothered about the scar as after 3 c/s i already aheva scar in that area so it wouldn't make a difference, but would love to have a flat tum!

emily05 · 28/09/2006 08:16

vickiyumyum - bio oil is good. It is about £10 in boots for a small bottle - but you can add a couple of drops in your bath - which makes it last for ages!

dabihp · 28/09/2006 22:04

vickiyumyum - is cd or ll wher eyou do 100 days#? what about xmas? would u break it... am seriously thining about doing cd from now to xmas ... big commitment, am scared... saggy skin... NO FOOD.... HAVING TO STILL COOK FOR DD'S AND DP.... ARGH..... ooops cap lock...

vickiyumyum · 30/09/2006 13:22

ll is 100 days, don't know about cd yet will ask though.
in truth i probably would break it for christmas, but hopefully my appetite will be surpressed then as i won't have been eating so much so won't be able to eat as much as i normally would over christmas. god that sounds bad!

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