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WW - No Count or Points?

4 replies

LynnC · 20/09/2006 13:54

Does it matter or is one or the other more sucessful? I was a member about 6 years ago but they didnt have a choice then just the points system. I am planning to join again next week (if dont find yet another excuse) but just curious how everyone else picked.

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LynnC · 21/09/2006 11:48


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lemonaid · 21/09/2006 11:53

There was an online questionnaire that you could do that would suggest which was better for you. I did the questionnaire, it suggested No Count, so I did as I was told and it's working out well.

Are you doing meetings or online? If meetings then your leader can presumably offer the same sort of advice, if online then there's the questionnaire.

You can switch, so long as you stick to whatever you are on for a week at a time. So it's easy to find which is better for you and your lifestyle.

LynnC · 21/09/2006 11:59

Thanks lemonaid - I was planning to go to the meetings for the weigh in as not sure I would stick to it online?? I will try find the questionnaire and see what it suggests.

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merrily · 21/09/2006 12:13

As lemonaid says it does depend on your own lifestyle and approach to dieting. I did the Full Choice points system recently and I lost a stone in 6 weeks. I don't like being denied any particular foods, so it worked really well for me - it helped me become more aware of the portion sizes I was eating, and not to pick at my daughter's leftovers!

I did it using Weight Watchers Online and found it quite easy to stick to as you enter all the food you have eaten each day and it gives you the points values, plus there are weight progress charts etc. But again, each person is different. Best of luck!

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