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scotslass · 28/07/2006 09:08

I am seriously overweight (bmi 36) and just can't seem to build up the motivation or courage do do anything about it.

I have got PCOS which doesn't help, but the main problem is that I eat too much and don't do enough exercise.

So who wants to give me a kick up my big backside? which club would you recommend? am not keen to go to WW as it hasn't really inspirede me in the past.

My ds starts school next year and I don't want to be the fat frumpy mummy at the school gates

Thanks xx

OP posts:
moondog · 28/07/2006 09:09

There is a thread on MN called BigMoFos (I think) which would probably suit you SG.
They're a good bunch of gals!

scotslass · 31/07/2006 14:53

Thanks moondog. I think I'm probably going to join slimming world. Got to do something as I'm sick of being a bloater!!

OP posts:
JackieNo · 31/07/2006 14:59

Scotslass - join us on the BigMoFos (originally the BigMothers). Current thread is here , but you might find the first thread interesting too - we're all (barring a few exceptions) needing to lose a good 5 stone or so (my BMI is 36.10, and I've already lost some weight!). It's mainly a support thread - we're all doing different things to try to lose weight. I'll try to find the first thread for you...

JackieNo · 31/07/2006 15:03

Here's the first thread that kicked off the BigMoFos.

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