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Atkins fave meals

4 replies

noddyholder · 21/07/2006 09:17

I have decided to do this again for a few weeks just to shift a couple of pounds I did it a few years ago but sold the books at the car boot sale What are your fave meals and tips?No or low carbs is the only thing that works for me xx

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compo · 21/07/2006 09:21

I never done Atkin but I have done low carbs. I found eating just salad wth tinned tuna, smoked salmon or tinned sardines at lunchtime worked for me.

schneebly · 21/07/2006 09:30

steak with a creamy pepper sauce and salad?

Furball · 21/07/2006 09:54

I found adjusting your own meals to be easier than faffing around with some of the given recipes.

So if I was cooking chops with mash and veg - I'd just have the chops and veg. Obviously thats abit warm for the moment but you could do it with salad.

Homemade veg soup - I chuck a stock cube with 1.75 pints of water with an onion, carrot, cauliflower and broccoli, boil it up for 40 mins then whizz with the blender. You could also add a tin of tomatoes and any other veg you like.

Spagetti bolognese with cauliflower cheese instead of pasta.

Use large lettuce leaves to wrap your favourite sandwich fillings in.

noddyholder · 21/07/2006 10:34

Thanks I am off to stock up on tuna and eggs!

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