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Lardy Ladies Weigh-In Club - July 4th

22 replies

busywizzy · 04/07/2006 08:05

9st 13lb still so I consider myself to have had a lucky escape

OP posts:
HeavyBee · 04/07/2006 09:29

Well done, Busywizzy! And I'm still at 9 st 6lb, so the yoyo pound hasn't yoyoed back yet. Indeed, it's only a teeny fraction above 9 st 5lb, so I'm quite hopeful that I might get rid of that too. Perhaps the hot weather will help, surely the pounds should melt away? Good luck to us all!

chickenrice · 04/07/2006 10:34

Good luck to everyone. Lost 2lbs.

jambuttie · 04/07/2006 10:37

12st 6 for me this week

monkey · 04/07/2006 11:06

ok so lost 1 measly pound. honestly, how does that work? I've been so careful, ok, had 1 'bad' thing in the whole week - chocolate fondue, but it was bloody loads of fruit, not that terrible, and I've lost 1 measly pound. I'll be 80 before I see results at ths rate. I'm starting to come to the conclusion that amputation is my only option. Why will my body not let me loose weight???????
I was really hopeful for this morning, so feel crashingly disappointed.

wannaBe1974 · 04/07/2006 12:02

hiya can I join/crash/whatever? Weighed myself this morning and am 10st6, that's at least a stone and a half above what I want to be. Used to be a size 8 but weight crept up after thyroid problem and then after birth of ds, desperately want to lose weight!

Prettyfull · 04/07/2006 13:39

hi everyone im back to 10st 5lb

monkey · 04/07/2006 16:27

hi wannab, and welcome. what action plan have you got in mind to get down to 9 stone?

sorry about that prttyfull, it can be a bloody frustrating exercise, can't it? do you know why you're back up?

Prettyfull · 04/07/2006 18:00

yeah shamefully i do know the reason lol.... i had a bad day last week, got fed up of trying eat so healthy that i ate a couple packs of crips and dd's cheese dunker things

i'l have to try and make up for it this week!! Good luck to everyone

spugs · 04/07/2006 20:21

10st 6 aggh normally weigh 9 st but have managed to lose 2 st in the past 10 weeks (though a large % of that may have been to do with having a 7 1/2 lb bubba

tortoise · 04/07/2006 21:49

Forgot to weigh this morning.Will do it tomorrow and try to post before charts sent out.
Well done for the loses/staying the same.

Smalline · 05/07/2006 13:44

Stayed the same this week, managed to keep that pound off from last week, and, like you busywizzy, I consider myself to have had a lucky escape. Well done with the run by the way. I am so sorry that you feel the way you do monkey, but I do wish that I could lose one measly pound a week, it has taken me 6 months to lose half a stone, and at this rate it will take a whole year to lose a stone, but what the heck, the longer it takes to lose it the longer it will stay off or so I keep telling myself. Well done everyone, good luck for the next week.

tortoise · 05/07/2006 15:05

Stayed at 12lb 5 this week.Better than a gain

busywizzy · 05/07/2006 19:08

Quite a good week all round I think - prizes as follows.

Yellow diamonds for Heavybee and Smalline for keeping those lbs off
Princess diamond for Tortoise for staying the same whilst having a horrid week
And Chickenrice gets to keep hold of her weight loss diamond for still being the one who's lost the most

Welcome Wannabe and Spugs. Let me have your e-mail addresses and height and I'll add you onto our chart.

OP posts:
tortoise · 05/07/2006 19:09

Oh busywizzy thats so sweet.Brought tears to my eyes.Thank you.

busywizzy · 05/07/2006 19:10

You softie Hope your week's got a bit better

OP posts:
tortoise · 05/07/2006 19:12

Bit better thanks.

LadyTamba · 05/07/2006 19:14

I havent been on here for ages but i registered when the thread started... I cant remember my starting weight so please if anyone does can you tell me what it was! am 10.6 now and want to work out what i lost

busywizzy · 05/07/2006 23:25

Tamba, really sorry but I've checked my charts and I've only got them going back to March and you're not on that one. Well done on your weight loss, however much it is

OP posts:
HeavyBee · 07/07/2006 10:20

Thank you so much, Busywizzy! I've never had a diamond before and that one would certainly get me noticed. And so far the yoyo pound hasn't reappeared yet.... Smalline, it's taken me that long and more to lose half a stone, but I really don't think it'd go on easily again. I do feel so much better for it, so I move about more, so it stays off more easily. At least, that's the plan. Good luck everyone, and stick with it. Tortoise, glad to hear the week's a little better - hope things are on the up for you now.

Smalline · 07/07/2006 12:08

Thanks very much for my yellow diamond busywizzy, you are a diamond, keeping us motivated like that. Tamba I managed to find a weight chart from January your starting weight was 11 stone 6 so you have lost a stone well done.

busywizzy · 10/07/2006 22:10

Here's this weeks thread ladies. Hope you've all done better than me - I've been rubbish, eating cheese and biscuits before bedtime and drinking wine

OP posts:
LittleCarlos · 10/07/2006 22:19

Thanks smalline!


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