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which exercises for flabby tummy?

3 replies

jay4568 · 28/04/2006 23:09

I lost 2 stone 3 years ago but have gradually put it back on. The trouble is, what came off my thighs now seems to have gone back on my tummy.

I only have a small house so exercise dvds that involve lots of dancing around are not possible.

Tried a pair of jeans on today and the fat hanging over the top was depressing... sorry if tmi Blush

T shirts in the summer are going to look horrible Sad

OP posts:
Dior · 28/04/2006 23:14

If you have put weight on, you won't get rid of the tummy by exercising. You need to lose the weight and tone the muscles at the same time. can't tone fat. When you do exercise, you need to make sure that you do small movements rather than sit-ups IYKWIM. I hear that Pilates is great for that kind of muscle toning. I know there are some DVDs around for that. Good luck. I'm in the same boat with my lovely sides bursting over the top of my jeans!

jay4568 · 28/04/2006 23:17

Meant to say I am dieting as well.. doing weight watchers, I just hate all this flab and thought exercises might help shift the weight?

OP posts:
Dior · 29/04/2006 18:23

They won't shift any weight, but they will tone the muscle up. There is a WW thread somewhere...have you gone on it? We are all posting our losses etc.

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