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Low fat/calorie dips

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Jay4568 · 20/04/2006 22:02

I've been on a diet since January and have lost 16lbs. Still have around 2 stone to go though and I'm fed up eating salad for lunch... thnking I might cut up some veggies to take to work but need something to dip them in!

Does anyone have any recommendations for low fat/calorie dips?

OP posts:
mazzystar · 20/04/2006 22:03

homemade hummus
yoghurt with chopped cucumber and mint
tomato and pepper salsa

Jay4568 · 20/04/2006 22:14

The salsa sounds gorgeous!

Can I buy it at tescos? I'm afraid if it's homemade I'll find excuses not to make it and end up eating crap!

I've been really motivated since Jan but finding it hard this week and can see all my good work slipping away!

OP posts:
mazzystar · 20/04/2006 22:17

you can buy some sort of thing at supermarket but homemade nicer

finely chop some nice ripe tomatos, spring onions, red pepper, coriander, lemon juice, tsp olive oil, pepper, dried chilli if you like it spicy

will take all of 5 minutes, make enough for the week, it will keep

guacamole too - avocados are fatty but its good fat.

carol3 · 20/04/2006 22:24

extra low majo mixed with fat free framage frais half and half you can then add
curry powder

carol3 · 20/04/2006 22:25

sorry mayo

Bozza · 20/04/2006 22:31

Is hummus really low fat?

schneebly · 20/04/2006 22:58

tesco's hot salsa dip is quite cheap and v. low calorie! It is delish and I have even used it as a pasta sauce!

MrsSpoon · 20/04/2006 23:22

ASDA do a tin of tomatoes that has chilli and peppers in it, if you drain the excess liquid from the tin by bunging it all in a seive it makes a lovely salsa. Got loads of compliments the last time I served this.

Jay4568 · 21/04/2006 08:11

Wow.. thanks for all the suggestions! Gonna try and nip to tescos in my lunch break. I just got so sick of salad that I've eaten rubbish all week. I really don't want to put all the weight back on!

I'm going to use these boards more often.. it makes me feel I'm not struggling on my own

OP posts:
jambuttie · 21/04/2006 08:53

Asda also do a lovely good for you range of dips that are really tasty and fairly low on calories too.

They also do good for you soft cheeses, one with pineapple is lovely I dip in carrot sticks etc for a lunch/snack too

mazzystar · 21/04/2006 09:46

homemade hummus can be low fat as you control the amount of olive oil you use.

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