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I have this love hate relationship with food

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dejags · 11/04/2006 20:35

I adore eating. I am by no means obsese but could certainly do with losing about 10lbs.

Thing things is every day I promise myself that tomorrow is going to be the day. The next day comes and goes and I don't have the strength to resist.

Half of me feels like saying f**k it and just accept what I look like and enjoy what I eat without analysing it and feeling awful. The other half really wishes I had the willpower to go on a serious diet to shift the extra pounds.

I don't smoke, only have a few drinks a week and hardly ever go out on the piss. I just can't figure out why I feel so bleugh about myself but cant be bothered to do anything about it.

excuse the rant (it's a self motivational thing Wink)

OP posts:
dejags · 11/04/2006 20:35

damn those skinny models - I blame them you see Grin

OP posts:
Pernod · 15/04/2006 18:33

Wow, you sound just the same as me, if I could just get motivated to lose those last 10lbs I'd be over the moon! I've started running but unfortunately that just seems a good excuse to eat more! Have you found any good starting tips yet?

razzamatazz · 15/04/2006 18:41

How much exercise do you do? I am not very good at controlling how much I eat so try to focus on exercise to keep me in shape.

Pernod · 15/04/2006 21:03

I try to go for a run at least twice a week as have entered Race for Life which is next month(although it only seems to happen once a week at the mo) & I go to a 1 hour back into shape exercise class.
I can eat well during the day but lose the plot once my 3 dd's are in bed!

dejags · 15/04/2006 21:05

I wish I could get motivated to start running again.

When DS1 was about a year old I started running and was soon up to about 20 miles a week. I looked great (weightwise) and felt fantastic.

Now that I have two DS's, work fulltime, am planning a round the world trip and until last week was studying for a major exam, I just haven't had the time.

Perhaps tomorrow is the day to start.

OP posts:
dejags · 15/04/2006 21:06

Am exactly the same about after hours snacking. It's almost like I feel I deserve a treat for all my hard work during the day Grin

OP posts:
Pernod · 15/04/2006 21:15

Wow, I don't blame you for wanting to snack working full time, studying & looking after 2 ds's!
I keep on saying there's always tomorrow but it's so easy to dream Wink
Did you enjoy doing all that running? I actually enjoy escaping the house for 30mins or so to get away from all the bickering etc.!! but - hubby works long hours so it's not always that easy to get out.

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