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i have reached my 1st target!!

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misdee · 03/04/2006 08:46

i am now below 15stone!!

14st 12lb to be exact. whoooo hooooo. (remind me again how many lbs in a stone? started at 15st 8lb)

OP posts:
Kidstrack2 · 03/04/2006 08:48

14lb in a stone?

misdee · 03/04/2006 08:49

oooo 10lbs in 3 weeks. thats a nice steady loss isnt it? not too quick?

OP posts:
KBear · 03/04/2006 08:50

well done misdee - keep at it. Are you following a "diet" or just cutting out the crap?

misdee · 03/04/2006 08:53

bit of both. on days on the run i am doing slimfast, on days when i have more time then its pure calorie counting. I have allowed myself a little treat each day (a bag of skips or some apple crisps which are lovely), am eating more fruit, switched to sweetners in my tea(which i am cutting down on), skimmed milk, lots of salads and healthy meals. tho i did have a curry saturday night in an attempt to clear my nasel passages, didnt work and could barely taste it. didnt eat it all.

OP posts:
KBear · 03/04/2006 08:57

I'm doing the GI thing - working a treat so far and I'm not hungry which is the best bit. On a health campaign generally - the kids eat really well but I tend to snack on choc in the evening and at certain times of the month I am known to eat my weight in penguin bars or whatever snacks are in the goodie box! I've lost 5lbs in two weeks and going to the class tonight and hoping to have hit the half stone mark. Clothes definitely feel looser which is great. Holiday in 8 weeks so aiming for great things by then.

Kidstrack2 · 03/04/2006 08:58

really think your doing it the best way, not denying yourself of treats, i think thats how many people fail as they give up everthing in the one go, well done misdee!

KBear · 03/04/2006 08:59

Definitely need to factor in a treat or, like you say Kidstrack, it's too much like hell and you can't live like that.

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