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Which exercise dvd has a good section for working abdominals?

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LipstickMum · 30/03/2006 09:57

That's it really! My tummy seems really difficult to keep in shape and although I do 2 exercise classes a week, the abs section doesn't seem to be enough. I don't seem to have enough willpower to do exercises at home on my own, so I though if I have a dvd that has a really good section focusing on abs, then I wont be able to slack off (that's why I love doing classes, I can't slope off early!)
I read a couple of other threads and the Davina and Charlie Brookes workouts were recommended, I think one has a good Pilates section for toning abs, I think the Charlie one, I wasn't quite sure.
Any other recommendations? I'm going to rent them from the library before I consider buying.

OP posts:
katierocket · 30/03/2006 10:11

both of davina's are brilliant

carolinki · 30/03/2006 10:12

In final desperation I got one of those sit-up abdominal exerciser things - mine's, ridiculously, called the 'v-fit abdominus tummy trimmer' and I got it from argos. Apparently the paras use them, hubby tells me. Anyway, it's good. It takes up a bit of space and you've got to remember to use it, obviously. DVDs are just soooo repetitive, don't you think? Ground Hog Day with lycra.

suzywong · 30/03/2006 10:16

Cindy Crawford's are all good

LipstickMum · 30/03/2006 10:30

I don't want one of those massive abdominal workers, my house is too small. What I need is the instruction, someone telling me to pull in, do this, do that, breathe in here etc. so I know if I'm doing it right, but I can't afford a personal trainer before you mention it Grin Also, I think someone harrassing me to do 10 more when I would have given up would help. I'm not gonna use the whole dvd, just the abs bit.
I guess I'll just see what they've got in the library and try them out.

OP posts:
speedymama · 30/03/2006 13:24

Nell McAndrew's dvds are quite good (I have Peak Energy and Ultimate Impact). I also have Billy Blank's Tae Bo Abs & Glutes video and that is absolutely brilliant for toning, hardening and shaping your abs. Another video I have is The Crunch by Karen Amen and that is focused on all the muscles in the abdominal region.

kama · 30/03/2006 13:41

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Saker · 30/03/2006 18:08

Something like "I want those abs" by Tamilee Webb. I haven't done that one but I have one of her other ones which is the same format and very good. 2x15min sets of exercises. Also have a look on ebay and in the charity shops to get cheap exercise videos because people are always selling them - can't think why Grin.

Miaou · 30/03/2006 18:10

I lurve the davina one, a few of us get together and do it, and I can really see a difference in the size of my spare tyre Wink

nutcracker · 30/03/2006 18:13

Is that the new or old Davina one Miaou ?

Miaou · 30/03/2006 20:26

I guess it would be the new one? It's just called Davina and it's really hard work, but you feel bloody fantastic afterwards!

Tell me a bit about the one you know nutty and I'll tell you if it sounds familiar or not ...

LipstickMum · 30/03/2006 20:44

I'm tempted by Davina, although I can't really cope with her as a personality. She did look fab after her last baby was born. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the others, I'm going tomorrow to have a hunt round charity shops and the library. Firm abs, here I come Grin

OP posts:
Miaou · 30/03/2006 21:09

I don't think her "personality" is over-evident in that dvd lipstickmum, mostly she just gets on with it and leaves the talking to the two trainers! But then I really like her so perhaps she doesn't annoy me as much Smile

she has abs to die for though!!

Ulysees · 30/03/2006 21:16

Mine are in need of a tightening. Anyone else got loose skin? Is there any hope or is it put up with it or surgery? May it tighten as my abs do? Sad

NotQuiteCockney · 30/03/2006 21:24

I think the skin sorts itself out over time. I think my skin was ok-ish after DS1, but I did a lot of abs work, while these days, I've just been running really.

Tae Bo Abs + Glutes is good. Pilates is also v. good for abs.

Ulysees · 30/03/2006 21:31

I wish I could be arsed to use a fit ball. I go swimming and have been trying to go 2 or 3 times a week. I hold my tum in whilst doing the breast stroke but really need to work more on the abs.

divedaisy · 30/03/2006 21:59

Hi LipstickMum!! Yes any of those exercise programmes using the gym ball and pilates will work really well for you. However, 1-2 sessions of a similar exercise really isn't enough to get tummy trim.

Now before you all go shouting at me, I work full time 0730-1600 each day, and I also spend 1.5 hours each day driving to work. I have found MY way of trying to keep fit. I use my lunch hour to go swimming. I started just over 18 months ago and struggled to do 20 lengths of breast stroke. By end of 2004 I had hit my target of 30 lengths. By June 05 had got up to 40 of breast stroke. Jan 06 I set myself a personal goal of being able to complete 40 of front crawl BY THE END of the year. Now, I find f/crawl hard, fast, tiring, and a real challenge. But on Tues 28th March I DID IT - I completed 40 lengths f/crawl!! I also have gone down one dress size and maintain it OK.

I swim nearly every day - not today as I took my sister out for her birthday lunch (sometimes food gets priority!!) and do 40 lengths whilst maintaining that 'core girdle strength'. I also do SCUBA diving when I get the chance. I have started on a Wed lunch time to attend a pilates class.

What I'm trying to say is, put variations into your exercise. Its GREAT that you're doing something, just don't make it all the same and don't just target your abs. You'll get bored with the routine, and you may even cause your body more harm by not balancing your exercises out. eg you do your abs, you need to do your back too.

I also have a shelf full of videos, DVDs and exercise books - which one do you want!!!? Unless you are maddly motivated I personally think they're a waste of money (about £100 in my case!Sad) So rent and see if you really will use them. When I come home from work and get DS to bed all I want to do is collapse on the sofa - I'll occassionally sit on my gym ball which I enjoy!

Look at your daily rota, and find out what's available in your area. My swimming at a local pool only costs me £13:50 per month by standing order, and it fits in with my day! Even something simple like walking holding your 'core girdle' strong will make improvements!Grin


Saker · 31/03/2006 08:36

In terms of abs, I do think you will see results if you do a video 2-3 times a week - you will be surprised how quickly you see results and also that it gets easier but you do need to stick it regularly at least to start with. I agree with divedaisy though that you probably ought to balance it with some lower back work.

I have been exercising to videos at home for about 4 years and over that time have maintained between 3 and 6 sessions a week so it is possible. I find I am more motivated to do this than to go out in the evening to an exercise class where I have to travel and rely on Dh or someone being around with the children. I think different things suit different people.

grumpyfrumpy · 31/03/2006 10:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LipstickMum · 31/03/2006 13:24

I think I could cope with Davina then if you say she just gets on with it Miaou. I think I'm just jealous Grin
I know DiveDaisy, I'm not really in the zone to get results atm. That's what I'm trying to change. I aim for exercise 3 times a week on a good week, 2 minimum. Plus, I walk nearly every day.
I'm off to the library today to get a selection of dvd'd to try.

OP posts:
LipstickMum · 31/03/2006 13:25

I have tried Pilates GF, after I had my first dd and I found it good, but quite complicated and I did spend a lot of the class confused! My abs really ached afterwards though!

OP posts:
Piffle · 31/03/2006 13:33

I alternate between Charlie Brookes dvd and davinas new one
Have lost 2 inches off waist and belly and a dress size :) Since January

BellaLasagne · 31/03/2006 13:53

You don't say if you're post-natal?

If you are, you need to be very very careful about abs work, and do them properly so you don't overstretch your tummy muscles.

I suffered with this for years, and am now finding help via a specialist post-natal pilates instructor. In general I think Pilates is the most safe and effective way to tone abs and highly recommend it. Any good pilates teacher will be able to advise you.

Good luck!


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LipstickMum · 31/03/2006 15:03

Ooh Piffle! You can be my role model then Grin I am probably going to get Davina and Charlie if they're in. It's pouring with rain here, so I might not get to the library after all. I tried the charity shops this morning, but they didn't have anything. i think the best time to go is some time late January for old work-out videos that have been binned!
Bella, I am post-natal-ish, my dd2 is 9 months this weekend. So, I've got to that '9 months up, 9 months down' mark and feel I can't make that many excuses anymore. I will give Pilates a go too, as when I did do a little bit of it, I found it very helpful at reaching those core muscles, I just didn't enjoy it as along-term way of keeping fit.

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