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Just had hypnosis for weight loss !

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brimfull · 17/03/2006 19:52

Hope it bloody works!!

Felt really relaxed but still aware of everything so I hope I succumbed to her suggestions!

Keept getting an itchy face and felt I shoudn't /couldn't move to scratch it.

Thpught it was a bit odd that the hypnotist was overweightSmile

OP posts:
mancmum · 17/03/2006 19:59

hope it works I had it 3 years ago and am a stone heavier than I was then!! reckon the therapist was crap as he also did my DH to give up smoking... he carried on!!

However, I do believe it can work.. it helped me pass my driving test -- failed loads of times but passed after my hypno-session...

brimfull · 17/03/2006 20:04

oh no mancmum!!

I feel really positive now and have a top up session in a weeks time so ...fingers crossed.

OP posts:
Journey2 · 21/03/2006 17:38

:) to the hypnotherapist being overweight!

I too (actually I posted to you in another thread) used one last year after a lot of research and then deciding which one I 'clicked' with better.
How did yours work? I had 4 weekly sessions then a review after 4 weeks, which was useful as in that time I had made a police report about something not so nice.

I have moments where I think, don't think this worked.. but I KNOW on reflection that the statements given to me to repeat have made an impact, I just need to say them more often to confirm them :)

I don't regret my decision.. to help also I have taken up meditation which I have found useful to say my given statements.

Though I have the occassional shitty day, must say it feels very different to how they used to feel.. must be better at managing my emotions.

Think the rapport between therapist and client helps. I had assumed he'd been pracitising for years he was so professional, but turns out he had been qualified for 2 yrs! I also got a very good reading list from him (I asked him afters for good books.. The Power Of Belief by roy dodd made an impression on me!)

Hope all goes well

Yes, it is expensive too.. I used my sessions at the same time as coming off anti depressents so think it helped.

Journey2 · 21/03/2006 17:40

Also what one needs to remember, the therapist does not do all the work, it requires the effort/commitment from the client as well! So, if you are not that committed to success then you are likely to fail.. that was my warning :)

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