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Scandinavian Bran Crisbread on slimming world plan

6 replies

flustered · 16/03/2006 23:51

As a healthy B option on slimming world plan it says you can have 28g porridge oats and 1 oat/scan bran. Does anyone know which supermarkets sell Scandinavian Bran Crispbread? I have never seen them before.Sad

OP posts:
handlemecarefully · 17/03/2006 00:02

you can buy them at Slimming World classes - but don't, they are totally vile and inedible

carol3 · 17/03/2006 00:41

some health food shops sell them too, but yes they are like eating cardboard.

FairyMum · 17/03/2006 07:07

Riveta? They are yummie!

flustered · 17/03/2006 13:04

Thanks for the info. Perhaps I won't try them, I just thought I was missing out on a bit of extra food when I have porridge!

OP posts:
handlemecarefully · 17/03/2006 14:57

I fed the rest of my packet to the chickens. I'd rather starve!!

JS23 · 28/05/2009 12:37

Its not too bad... it tastes like dry shreddies! its good with extra low fat laughing cow cheese spread on.... don't not try it because someone says it taste bad.. at our slimming world over half of the people actually liked it once they tried it! it might work for you! Its only a pound a packet.. it could be a pound well spent... if not feed the birds... either way you or the birds'll be happy!

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