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Lardy Ladies Club Weigh in week 11- 7th March

53 replies

Furball · 07/03/2006 07:19

Heres to a good week - remember unless you've posted on last weeks thread (or this one!) you're not on the new chart.


OP posts:
jambuttie · 07/03/2006 08:51


12.11 for me this week hun

pindy · 07/03/2006 08:57

Hi - not a good week - put on a pound, now 10st 11lbs, but dh away this week so it should be easier.

Here's to a really good week for everyone :)


unicorn · 07/03/2006 09:04

I knew last week was a fluke... afraid it's + 2lbs for me Sad

This is taking so long to shift. My metabolism has definately slowed down (or ground to a halt)and needs speeding up.

chickenrice · 07/03/2006 10:13

Lost 1lb. Smile

Good luck everyone!

busywizzy · 07/03/2006 10:42

Oh wow, have lost 2lb so that's 10st 1lb for me. Only 1lb to go until I've lost a stone Smile Smile Smile

I'm so determined to crack it this coming week.

HeavyBee · 07/03/2006 10:47

Morning, everyone, and I'm happy (and frankly rather surprised) to say that I've lost another two pounds, so I'm down to 9 stone 7lb, and have finally lost half a stone. I've been going round grinning in the rain, people must think I'm mad.

HeavyBee · 07/03/2006 10:51

I meant to say again that I'd never have lost any of this without the Lardy Ladies. The Tuesday weigh-in is a very powerful deterrent to cake-eating. Thank you so much, everyone!

Dingle · 07/03/2006 11:11

Sorry,I never emailed back,,,too busy clearing up and running around with sickly kiddies again. Sad

Still stuck in a rut, need a kick up the backside to get out of it!! 10st 3lb still!!!!Sad

tangerinecath · 07/03/2006 11:38

Yay!!! 2 lb off this week. Going to the gym seems to have given me some motivation.

Now 15st 12lb


WharfRat · 07/03/2006 12:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

me23 · 07/03/2006 12:09

I've put on a pound so very Sad I've been trying really hard. I am due on though. so maybe that's why, I wish!

Smalline · 07/03/2006 13:29

1 pound on this week I'm not very happy with myself!

me23 · 07/03/2006 15:19

weirdest thing I just went into boots and weighed myself again (I weighed myself yesterday)and im actually 10st so Ive lost 3lbs! that's more like it Smile I've been trying so hard I knew I couldn't have put on 1lb.

teacups · 07/03/2006 15:33

didn't have a chance to weigh myself this am as overslept but will do so in the morning and let you know. Smile

Some impressive losses on here - well done everyone.

Loobz · 07/03/2006 16:52

Not had a chance to weigh myself - have a trapped nerve. Will try to do so tomorrow - if not I'll let you know

MrsSpoon · 07/03/2006 17:04

11st 3lbs this morning which would be a loss of 3lbs since my last weigh-in. Only I will add that I am just recovering from a D&V virus and will more than likely put some of this back on.

JenumGeranium · 07/03/2006 17:59

Hi all!

Afraid to say I have been rather bad lately and am now back to 12 1 Sad.

The good news is though, that I am determined to get back on track and have started healthy eating again this week. Also started swimming 3 times a week. My DH is joining in this time, so should be better!

The only reason I come onto mumsnet now is to keep a check on here! I dont get good vibes from this website anymore I'm afraid to say.

But it is this that will hopefully keep me going and I so want to post that I have lost some decent amount of weight! Wink

Good luck everyone!

tortoise · 07/03/2006 19:22

Ive stayed the same again.Sad but least i havnt put any on.Thought id done ok in the second half of the week.Even did my davina dvd! Well done busywizzy and everyone else on your loses.Smile

busywizzy · 07/03/2006 19:33

Well done everyone on your losses and good luck to everyone who is starting again or trying hard to get past a 'stuck' weight. I was like that for a few weeks and then things started moving again so stick with it.

Chickenrice, doesn't that mean you've lost a stone - yippeeeeeeeee well done you Smile

Tortoise, you know you can do it so keep on with the DVD. Knowing you're doing it makes me get mine out too (if that doesn't sound rude Grin )

JG so sorry you're feeling bad about MN. I mostly just come on this thread and my post natal group but I get so much good stuff from those two that it more than makes up for everything else Smile Hope to keep hearing from you here.

ChampagneandNappies · 07/03/2006 19:47

......can I join? Haven't had a chance to read all of the thread but hte gist I guess is 'lose weight'!

busywizzy · 07/03/2006 19:52

Welcome champagneandnappies (CAN from here on Grin ) what a cool name.

You have to let Furball have your e-mail address as she e-mails us our weight chart each week. Tell her your height and starting weight, then each week, post your loss on a Tuesday morning and Furball emails the chart to us on a Thursday (yes, she's a true star and has kept us all going these past few months)

We've had quite a few really sucessful weight losses since the New Year so good luck to you.

tortoise · 07/03/2006 19:59

Oooh how rude busywizzy!!Blush I will keep going but finding it hard when keep staying the same.Love the dvd so will definatly keep doing it.Think it really helps if find 1 you enjoy doing.Smile Welcome to can.Good luck on your first week with us lardy ladies!Grin


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ChampagneandNappies · 07/03/2006 20:13

Thank you ladies -so how do I get hold of Furball to let her have my email address?

busywizzy · 07/03/2006 20:13

LOL tortoise Grin

I felt I wasn't making any progress for a while and even when I did loose some, I didn't 'feel' any different. But just this week, I've started putting clothes on and really feeling like they're much looser. I've even got a suit that now needs altering as the trousers keep falling down Smile

Stick with it

busywizzy · 07/03/2006 20:18

CAN, either post your e-mail address on this thread and Furball will pick it up, or you can CAT her if you don't want to be so public.

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