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Just pregnant - can I continue weight watchers?

4 replies

benjaminsmum · 01/01/2006 13:21

I have been following weight watchers for three months and have lost one and half stone. I have just found out I am pregnant and would like to continue to watch my weight and put a lot less on than last time. Anyone know if I can adjust the points allowance to do this? FYI I have still got two stone to lose.

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marthamoo · 01/01/2006 13:23

Congratulations! (On weight loss and pregnancy). Dior's your woman. She's a WW leader. Do you go to meetings? Can you ask there? Or you could look at the website but a lot of it you can't access without registering.

fairydust · 01/01/2006 13:28

from memory you can only carry on getting weighed at WW until your 12 weeks.

SW is the one to follow if you want to carry on whilst pregnant as midwife actually approve of this plan

benjaminsmum · 01/01/2006 13:34

Thanks I didn't want to ask at meeting in case they immediately banned me from going again! Also thinking of givng up meetings soon anyway as I cannot really afford it but I want to continue on my own as a new way of living.

OP posts:
Dior · 02/01/2006 22:06

Message withdrawn

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