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30 day shred - anyone had success

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mincenmash · 24/01/2011 17:29

I've been reading a lot about the 30 day shred, which I have just learned is a workout DVD. I like the idea of 20 min workouts but from reading reviews online it is a v.tough workout. I have around 4 stone to lose and have not excercised in years properly. My question is does anyone in their experience know if it is suitable for someone like me with so much weight to lose and unfit or would it just kill me off.

OP posts:
fartmeistergeneral · 24/01/2011 17:53

Am watching this thread, cos I've bought it but then bought Tracy Anderson's 30 day method, so haven't even opened the shred dvd yet.

prettybird · 26/01/2011 11:46

You can do the "easy" version initially - she has two girls demonstrating, one of whom does the "full" version, the other who does the "easy easier" version.

First time I did it, I did all the easy versions, especially for the strength exercises (I was mostly OK for the abdominal exercises, thanks to years of Pilates). Second time round, I managed to do the "full" version of just about everything (although I don't go that deep into the squats Blush). I'm particulary pleased about one of the exercises in Level 3, which first time round I physically couldn't even begin to do Shock

You can also start off using lighter weights (initially, you can just use cans or water bottles).

You might feel like it is killing you off the first few times - but each set within a circuit is at most 2 minutes long, so just as you think you want to give up, she moves on.

Give it a go. :)

(I'm now doing it for the 3rd time - now using heavier weights!)

Joby1970 · 26/01/2011 13:26

Do it. As Prettybird says it is hard but it is so worth doing. I can now do press ups & I have NEVER been able to do them - the Shred helped me there.

Just do as much as you can - the sense of achievment is amazing & soon you'll be wondering how you managed without the Shred in your life x

knottyhair · 28/01/2011 15:04

Give it a go! I've only just started it, but 5 days in, so still at Level 1, and I've lost 5lb in a week! I know this isn't realistically sustainable but I've been too scared to go anywhere near my calorie limit (according to Livestrong/myplate). I've really enjoyed the Shred - it is tough but strangely enjoyable!

WorkInProgress · 28/01/2011 15:11

I've lost 2inches off waist and hips. I'd say it's the most effective DVD I've tried ( and I was a Davinia convert). I do try to do extra exercise as well but I don't diet. Part of the reason it's so effective is because it's only 20 mins so you can do it every day ( ish). Addictive too.

JelliBelli · 28/01/2011 15:29

I would say give it a go. I am just on day eight and there is a huge difference in my endurance (just like she says) and i canactually see a small (but hugely important) change in my body.

I suspect you WILL ache the after the first day, but try to persevere and do day two and then it will ease off and by day five I could really feel a difference.

Its just 20 minutes, you can find that sometime in the day, no?

Other threads in Fun and Games/Sport and excercise.

workinprogress thant's great Envy how long have you been doing it?

octopusinabox · 29/01/2011 18:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JelliBelli · 29/01/2011 19:24

I am only on level 1 but the biggest space you need so far is lying on your back with knees bent and your arms out at shoulder 'height'.

Not sure about the other levels but much the same i woud have thought.

WorkInProgress · 29/01/2011 20:19

Definately doable in a small living room - ours is !
Doing it on and off since Nov, really tried to do every day in Jan and only now noticed a real difference. Not so good this week as kids and I ill. Will have to get back to it this week and I am a bit worried I'll have to keep doing it every day for the rest of the year..

theladylovescupcakes · 31/01/2011 16:10

Have just started - this is hard! haven't managed to complete the 20 mins yet - didn't think i was that unfit - used to do an hour long zumba class! encouraged with some of the posts above though.

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