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Slimming World Online - Any way to sign up for just 1 Month?

1 reply

flumperoo · 16/01/2011 12:15

I really want to give this a go, but can't afford to pay 60pounds upfront. Is there any way I can sign up for just 1 month? If not then that's just crapola of them and I'll go with WW which is cheaper! Grin

ps I'm abroad so can't go to classes.

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flumperoo · 18/01/2011 13:42

So it's probably not an option then I guess. Shame because I'd sign up if I could do it monthly. Surely other people could afford monthly payments but not 3 months up front, in which case they must be losing busing because of this, as well as being double the price of ww.

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