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Diet hypnosis by Randy Charach

6 replies

theporkofpie · 15/01/2011 19:37

Has anybody used this cd and if so, did it work. I have tried Paul Mckenna in the past and it did work a bit, but i was thinking of trying something different.

I am getting desperate

OP posts:
dearprudence · 15/01/2011 19:40
CameronCook · 15/01/2011 20:27

I just bought this from amazon today as I have lost my Paul McKenna cd. No idea if he is any good or not but it was the only one I could find with an English accent.

Will let you know whether I am motivated or not tomorrow.

dearprudence · 15/01/2011 22:06

CameronCook? From Rivals? Grin

CameronCook · 15/01/2011 23:17

but of course. Actually CC was too cool to twirl.

I'm working my way through a series of JC related names after a thread about "Jump" last year.

I listened to my MP3 player this evening after I tucked the DC in, sadly I have to report that I am not thin yet

dearprudence · 15/01/2011 23:34

Yes, Cameron would never twirl. She would stretch out a toned brown leg and slick back her hair.

Apologies for hijack. Am still watching to find out how the hypnosis is working out.

CameronCook · 16/01/2011 10:56

You're absolutely right dearprudence, and really I'm faking being Cameron when I'm more Tory Lovell.

Well I listened to the track again this morning (which was easier to do than last night when the DC were still rampaging around) and I am feeling really positive about my relationship with food.

Its very similar to Paul McKenna - along the lines of eat slowly and conciously really tasting your food, but with less "eat what you want" than PM and more emphasis on eating good food to nourish your body.

Still fat though Wink

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