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pcos and underactive thyroid trying to loose weight

14 replies

Stac2011 · 13/01/2011 23:57

hi all, i am looking for advice/support and success stories of women with pcos and an underactive thyroid (or either condition) who have managed to loose weight. How did you do it? Or are you in the same boat as me and need help to loose the extra pounds?

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lauzjp · 14/01/2011 05:20

Hi, I have pcos, and I tried sooo hard to resist the chocolate & bread to lose weight! I took up walking, to the park & round the golf course (about 5 miles there and back) a few times a week, went swimming occassionally - nothing heavy, just a few widths of the pool... I took a multi-vitamin supplement, ate more seeds with everything, ate more greens, ate more pulses.. somehow it all clicked, & Jacob was born May 2010! Miracles can happen

Stac2011 · 14/01/2011 07:25

thanks lauzjp i should have said my miracle dd was born july 2010. So trying to get rid of baby weight. The docs had gave me metformin and it seemed to help with weight loss but as i am not ttc i dont need it anymore.

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morethanyoubargainfor · 14/01/2011 07:37

my miracle was born in 2002 and i am still shifting the baby weight Blush i have PCOS and i sympathise with you. I have managed to loose about 5 stone of baby weight but it was hard work!

I have gone vegetarian and also wheat free, i walk for at least an hour evey day, i took up running and do that 3-4 per week, i also joined a gym last year and went 4-5 per weeks fro atleast 90 mins. I no longer go to the gym.

I followed this at the end of 2009 and into 2010 and i reallly did loose the most amount of weight following this and luckily for me i haven't put any of it back on Smile.

Good Luck.

fatpantsandgladrags · 14/01/2011 07:41

this book may be helpful to you. The best way to lose weight with PCOS is by following a low GI diet. I have pcos too and have just started trying to follow a low GI plan. I have probably 5 or 6 stone to lose so we'll see how it goes Smile

Stac2011 · 14/01/2011 09:20

it is so hard. I do zumba 3 times a week and before i had lo i walked every night for about an hour. I know i have to step up a gear regarding the exercise and need to look at my diet. I have about 4st to loose.

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mincenmash · 16/01/2011 15:36

Hi Stac2011 - I've got PCOS too and have been really struggling with my weight for the past 15 years, and especially more so after having children. I have tried so many diets but always manage to lose 1.5 stone max then I just put it all back on again. At the minute I am about 4 stone over what I should healthily be. I'm starting to try and slim down again and going to try the basic recipe of smaller portions, more fruit and veg and more exercise (possibly with a bit of low GI thrwon in as bought books). I always get disheartened as I've tried exercise classes, walking etc and then to find I'd have only lost 0.5lbs in a week, it's bloody hard work.

Stac2011 · 16/01/2011 18:50

hi mincemash, i am sticking with zumba and the 30 day shred. I did loose weight by walking before i became pg. Maybe we could swap recipes and tips?

OP posts:
FatFurryCatPuss · 17/01/2011 15:24

I don't have an underactive thyroid but I do have PCOS. The PCOS Diet Book fatpantsandgladrags recommends is really good. :)

Good luck!

mincenmash · 18/01/2011 15:03

Stac you sound very committed to exercise. I'm allergic to it lol I'm starting small with walking, even just getting out with the kids, and will build from there. I have a cross trainer that I'm going to use. I've started this week by making small changes as I feel if i jump right into a diet I fail right away as I want to binge. So started changing my breakfast to low GI porridge oats and semi skim milk and smaller portions at dinner in evening. Gladrags & fatfurrycatpuss, I have that very book. It's a very good read and I think it works on the low GI approach if I remember. I think it's time I hunted it out again and put it into action. Have you had sucessful weight loss following it?

FatFurryCatPuss · 18/01/2011 16:09

minsenmash I did, then it kind of went out the window... Sad I have it on my bookshelf and will have another sift through it tonight for ideas, before I tackle it properly!

FatFurryCatPuss · 18/01/2011 16:12

stac2011 Zumba looks like great fun, but I couldn't even manage to master 'Beginner's Salsa - Anyone Can Do It!' DVD.... Sad

mincenmash · 18/01/2011 16:33

yeah, I always get so far then it all goes back on. It's also difficult as the meals I eat have to also be suitable for family too as I can't afford and don't want to mess about making 2 different meals.
I've tried zhumba but only once. It was definitely good fun but I found it hard to find the time after work/school/making tea etc. I know excuses, excuses he he I'm currently trying out the Lets dance for the wii. That's fun and gets you moving.

Stac2011 · 18/01/2011 17:05

trust me ladies i am one of stiffest people out there so i do look stupid but i sweat like a pig so i must be getting fitter lol.

I will get that book. Do you think the rosemary connelly one is any good? It does mention pcos in it.

Think the low gi is defo the way to go. The 30 day shred is too hard i just cant get into it lol.

What sorts of meals are in the pcos book?

OP posts:
Stac2011 · 18/01/2011 17:07

soz xpost, i borrowed my friends just dance and its so much fun. I stick to the class as my aunt goes so she kind of makes me go lol

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