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Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis - Anyone heard of it?

7 replies

chicaguapa · 13/01/2011 18:17

There's a deal on groupon today - £49 instead of £300. I'm a bit sceptical, losing weight isn't easy. But I'm wondering whether it's worth a try at £49? Has anyone tried it?

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SnailWhaleTail · 13/01/2011 18:24

Mother of a friend had it done with great results but I don't know any details. I work in an op theatre where we fit them and I'm not sure I'd fancy a real surgical one.

I had the hypnobirthing course and it was brill so IMO there is a place for hypnotherapy.

Worth a punt at £49 I'd say.

Pumpster · 13/01/2011 18:29

I have a voucher for this, also bought on groupon. Think I ought to not be bfing when I do it so waiting until March to do it, wish I could do it now!

chicaguapa · 13/01/2011 18:33

DH is very Hmm. I've tried Paul McKenna but always felt I needed him to actually hypnotise me. I fancy giving it a go. I wonder if it includes all the sessions you need, or if you end up having to pay full price for some extra ones? Where is your voucher for Pumpster?

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benbon · 13/01/2011 18:49

what town is that in?

chicaguapa · 13/01/2011 19:01

Portsmouth. The link is here (Not sure if that's affliated to my account - just copied and pasted from the address bar.)

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benbon · 13/01/2011 19:04

im in brighton umming and arring weather i should book it too...

chicaguapa · 13/01/2011 20:12

I've googled it and it does look like it works. Like Snail says, it's probably worth a punt at £49. I'm just sceptical that that's all it's going to cost. I wish I could phone them and speak to them about it.

Their website says Ultimate Weight Loss featuring Gastric band Hypnosis £590 but the Groupon ad says it's £300.

Website says: we will then work together to effectively address these areas, this is done in session 1. In Session 2 we then look to prepare you for session 3 which is your Virtual Gastric Band Procedure!

Ad says: Discover its effects with two sessions at Nulife Hypnotherapy and discover how hypnotherapy can help you fulfil your weight loss targets for £49 instead of £300.

I think it's just going to cover two sessions when you are told all about how great it is and then you have to pay £290 for the third.

What do you think?

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