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fit by 30

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ForFestiveSake · 28/12/2010 20:26

I know there will be a million of these threads started at this time of year but I figured I'd add to the pile - since I spend far too much time on MN anyway I may as well!

In October I turned 29 and vowed to be fit by my 30th. I started a blog (for my own personal humiliation lol) and started well but after a back injury I fell off the wagon. So with the new year spirit I have decided to start again.

I have 33 lb to lose. I am going try and simply make so simple lifestyle changes and calorie count / healthy eat.

Anyone fancy joining me?

Any top tips for getting started?

OP posts:
BusyMissIzzy · 30/12/2010 21:50

I'll be 30 in October 2011 too. I have about half a stone left to lose after having DD last March. I've already lost about 18lbs. I'd like to lose the rest by DD's 1st birthday.

I've lost weight in the past, and my main tip would be to find what works for you, because everyone is different. Calorie counting worked for me, so I'd start by making a note of everything you eat, then from there you can start to cut back.

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