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new year/new me!

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Allthethrees · 28/12/2010 12:33

Well I know it's not quite NYE yet but i'm going to get started anyway! I want to eat more sensibly/healthily and lose some weight before the summer.

Not going to do actual weigh ins, just go by clothes but i think I am 11 and a bit stone currently and my "happy weight" is around 9 1/2 so 1-2 stone to go!

I have a stinking cold today, but when I am better I will be running and doing the odd keep fit video aiming for 3 or 4 exercise sessions per week.

Diet wise i'm going to do smoothie breakfast/soup or salad lunch and "normal" dinner fruit/soup snacks etc. I'm going to try to drink lots of water and only hit the wine once a week instead of every night Blush

I'll be starting properly Jan 2nd because NYE/day we are hosting social stuff but i thought i would start today and expect/allow for NYE rather than continue stuffing in cheese and baileys for an extra few days! So banana and raspberry smoothie breakfast and leek and pot soup lunch so far for me today...feels good to eat something with actual vitamins in it!

Feel free to join me Grin

OP posts:
JaquiChan · 28/12/2010 13:10

Allthetrees, I will drag my sorry saggy arse over to this thread and join you.

Have waivered on 10 11 to 11 4 for about the last six months. In 2011, JaquiChanWillSparkle!!

Menagerie · 28/12/2010 13:31

Hi Allthethrees and JaquiChan.

Can I join you? Similar challenge. Just under 11 stone and happiest at 9st 4lb. Also hosting on 1st so starting for real on 2nd, though have begun 30 day shred and Paul McKenna.

Banana and raspberry smoothies sounds like a good start. Do you make them yourself?

I want to get fit and healthy and full of energy this year. More water, less booze, more fresh foods, less trash and comfort food, and far far more exercise. I was a real couch potato last year.

Are you going to give yourself an exercise plan?

I want to:

Drink 8 glasses water a day
Eat 5 portions of veg and 3 of fruit a day (idea is that'll be so filling there's no room for snacks in front of tv. Also I don't do diets, just Paul McKenna or healthy eating.)
Do 30 day shred
Get up off my enormous tush and do stuff in the evenings instead of watching Corrie and Kirsty and more Corrie and more Kirsty...

JaquiChan · 28/12/2010 13:40

Menagerie, I like your plan, simple but effective in the long run....but there lies my downfall, first couple of weeks will be ok then the motivation will dwindle. Hopefully this thread will keep us all going.

Allthethrees · 28/12/2010 15:22

Hi jacqui and mena sounds like we have similar weights/plans so thanks very much for posting Smile

Here's to lots of energy and health, glowing skin, shiny hair and bye-bye flabby tum!!

OP posts:
Menagerie · 28/12/2010 19:13

Well - healthy-ish day - lots of melon, home made low fat turkey curry with wrap, but ended up playing cards, having two glasses of wine and a piece of Christmas cake!

On plus side - did 30 day shred and lots of decluttering so was busy most of the day. Just got five more glasses of water to drink before bed...

JaquiChan · 29/12/2010 10:46

well I drank wine and eat rubbish last night, had a very bad night with dd1 and feel completely rubbish today....will buy salad and water today...this is actually a good start for me, rubbish eating/drinking habits.

HereMeRoar · 29/12/2010 11:26

I weighed myself. Oh shit I am 13 stone Sad. Can I join?

I am 5ft 4. I have joined weightlossresources, started to 30 day shred dvd and am reducing portion sizes, upping the fruit and veg and cutting out most cake and chocolate.

I've done this before and know it works, but some crisis happens, I get miserable and give up after about 8-10 weeks Sad. This time I need to find a way to keep going and stay slimmer. I'd like to lose around 5 stone, but will settle in the immediate term for returning to 11 stone, which is what I weighed in March Blush. Hopefully not having a baby this year will help Smile, as I had one in 2005, 2007 and 2009. DC3 is now 13 months so life is beginning to be a little more 'normal' than for a while.

Allthethrees · 29/12/2010 18:54

Yes I was a bit naughty drinking wine and eating cheese last night...realistically I think i'm going to get properly into this in Jan tho so i'm not going to beat myself up over it Smile

Of course you can join heremeroar the more the merrier Grin

OP posts:
abgirl · 29/12/2010 20:44

Hello, another sinner/joiner here - I weigh a bit more than most others on here at 13 and 1/2 stone so have a fair amount to lose :(, have started the shred and healthy eating from 1st onwards. My problem is keeping going and allowing early success to blind me to the need to carry on - my word for 2011 for all sorts of reasons is 'Perserverance' and one of the areas I want to apply this to is a healthier lifestyle.

I have 2 DSs, and work full time. DH is a SAHD and does all the cooking in the week, but luckily he wants to lose a few pounds too. My danger areas are snacking when bored at work (the vending machine is so tempting/mindless) and evening alcohol...

JaquiChan · 30/12/2010 14:28

Hi abgirl and welcome. Ouch at having a vending machine at work that is dangerous Grin. Evening alcohol and being lazy are my biggest problems Grin.

JaquiChanWillSparkle · 01/01/2011 12:02

Happy New Year!!!

I have gained 4lbs over Christmas which makes me 10 stone 11lbs, not good as I am a shortie....have resisted chocolate biscuits so far today.

JaquiChanWillSparkle · 01/01/2011 14:18

I have just had homemade spicy parsnip soup, was lovely. I have decided that any left over veg will be made into soup and that I will be a cooking from scatch convert. Have recently had convenience food and could literally taste the nastiness of it all, yuck, same with tinned soup so hopefully from now on it is fresh and good food only.

Allthethrees · 02/01/2011 09:21

Right - I am ready to start! Weighed in at 11st5 this morning Shock but i expect a biggish loss in week 1 as some will be water retention due to eating all the salty processed food and drinking too much Grin

I have downloaded a calore/weight tracker to my phone that i will keep updated and i'm going to plan the week's meals and shop today...quite excited actually! HM soup is good jacqui practically calorie free, fills you up and lovely in winter. Am going to make some carrot and coriander flavour today i think....

Good luck everyone - let's do this!

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