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gentle weight loss dvd needed bc health problems

7 replies

muslimah28 · 10/12/2010 11:32


can anyone recommend a good gentle weight loss dvd? I was v ill after having ds 7 months ago and after starting some exercise 2 months ago i started to get pains like i did postnatally. So my body wasnt ready yet but also i over did it-30+ mins wii fit every day was a bit optimistic at that now ready to start again but need to take it slowly. I esp want to work on legs bums n tum


OP posts:
anonymosity · 10/12/2010 14:07

I would go specifically for DVDs geared towards post-natal exercise and recovery. There is one by Y Plan, a Pilates one, another called something like "getting it back". If you run a search for this on Amazon you will find a few. I tried the Tracy Anderson one but its brutal - 45 mins of abs work left me with burning pain for about 2 wks. I am going to try it again (20 mins only) and build up.

muslimah28 · 10/12/2010 21:47

thanks for this, ill have a look on amazon. Im just so fed up not being able to lose my weight. I used to be a size 6-8 but right now ive been asked a few times if im expecting again :(

OP posts:
anonymosity · 10/12/2010 22:27

I have the same thing - actually skinny all over but for my redundant "bump'. I think firming up is key but also I could do with losing about 25 lbs !

muslimah28 · 12/12/2010 17:25

i have the redundant bump but not the skinny all over bit :( that went with my pregnancy legs are OK, but my arms are big meaning its difficult to get into my old shirts still and i'm much broader than i was across my shoulders. ive looked up some postnatal dvds and have been reading reviews. its just so difficult to decide on which one. there's the davina one which seems good but i find davina annoying so i'm currently trying to work out if i can get over that for the sake of a good dvd, or there's a mummy tummy one by gordon brown's ex trainer, which sounded good cos its exactly what i want to work on but it didn't get good reviews, people said its too intense. Confused

OP posts:
anonymosity · 12/12/2010 22:56

I would say if Davina is too annoying now, imagine how annoying she is going to be after 3 wks...However you can turn off the volume once you're used to the routine and then you won't have to listen to her...

muslimah28 · 13/12/2010 19:34

hmm good advice.... i wish id read it before i went ahead and bought the dvd Confused think i'll put the volume on low as you suggest! i did watch a couple of youtube exerpts before i bought it and actually she wasn't her usual loud in your face self in the workout, and it seems as though she's just a front for the dvd to make money cos actually the person leading the workout is her fitness instructor not davina herself!

today i went for a long walk, 50 minutes, it felt so good. was very sad that this afternoon i started to get pains again though Sad Sad but ive decided not to give up like i did last time, it feels so good to be a bit more active so i'm just going to pace myself and pop the painkillers if i have to.

it does mean accepting my overweight self is going to stay for longer Sad but i refuse to get too down about it, its just the way it is and its not as if i'm like this cos i'm stuffing my face with cake Smile

OP posts:
anonymosity · 14/12/2010 00:40

The walk sounds good. When your body has been through the mill it will take time to put things back in order. Don't get too down about it - it sounds like your'e doing more than many (including me right now cos its sooo cold all I want to do is eat bread and get under a duvet!)

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