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Exercise after a C Section

3 replies

Nat777 · 26/09/2005 21:00

Hello, thought I would post this here as it is in relation to weight loss.

I had my first baby 7 weeks ago today, by way of a C Section and have started my diet but was wondering when it would be safe to do some sit ups? Does anyone know?


OP posts:
pjsmum · 26/09/2005 21:08

I couldn't of done sit ups at 7 weeks! If you've had your check up then i would of thought so. I'd check with doctor or a midwife just to be sure.

beansprout · 26/09/2005 21:22

Apparently you have to be careful with sit ups as they can tone muscles that will still leave you with a sticky out belly. (I'm not being too technical am I? )

I went for a post-preg exercise vid even though I used to do hundreds of sit ups. Don't want to depress you but it seems that there is a bit just above the scar that is quite hard to shift. Then again, I'm nearly 36 so most things are getting hard to shift...!

Good luck.

muppet73 · 26/09/2005 21:28

I have only just felt comfortable doing sit ups (dd 22 weeks) but I think this was probably down to me feeling squeamish about it. Agree with pj though - definatly couldn't have done them at 7 weeks.
Beansprout - have that bit above scar too - not really sure what to do with it - kinda hoping it will go as I lose the weight? So far lost 2 stone - got another 1 to go to get to pre pg and another 1 after that that I should have shifted before becoming pg
Good book I read Caesarian Recovery - by ChrissieGallagher-Mundy - Had exercises in there

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