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Zoe Harcombe anyone?? 10 lbs to lose starting tomorrow

14 replies

tiggyhop · 22/11/2010 23:17

Would LOVE some company!

ZH is tough, but works: it's basically low carb (v low carb for first 5 days). Anyone interested??

OP posts:
amazonianwoman · 23/11/2010 11:09

Moi! I'll join you.

Have lost a stone but need to lose another 2-3 stone Blush Am going to weight watchers for the humiliation weigh in but can't be bothered to count points any more - I end up thinking about food all day long.

I've done the ZH 5 day 1st phase and found it OK.

So, started this morning Grin

palomadove · 23/11/2010 18:16

I'll join you too. Would like to lose 7lb, but will settle for 5.
this diet has had dramatic results for me previously,but onlt phase 1 .
phaose 2 doesn't work for me.
for typos, on phone.

amazonianwoman · 23/11/2010 18:20

Actually, I'll start tomorrow morning. Had 2 mince pies and a mini magnum today Blush

palomadove · 23/11/2010 21:25

Sorry for fatfinger inputting on phone.

Started ZH yesterday, doing ok so far. But I know it'll only work if I do Phase 1 - last time I did it, phase 2 didn't work and I put the weight back on afterwards!

But am determined to stick to it until a week Thursday at least - will be going away for the weekend then, so will be impossible to continue - and then will go back on it when we return on the Monday.

I lost about 1lb a day the first time I tried it, a year ago, but for some reason my body is just refusing to shed the weight around my middle these days.

The secret with ZH is to be mega-prepared. The downside is that it's so inflexible - so if you get caught out somewhere where you don't have much control over the food on offer, you're sunk - not many place offer wholefoods, and sandwiches with white bread, or meals with white rice are ubiquitous.

palomadove · 24/11/2010 08:34

So - just ploughing my way through the 75g of porridge now allowed for breakfast - would be much tastier with some fruit and milk in it - but I hope it'll keep me going until lunctime.

I weighed it after cooking, and it's 200g, which is a lot of porridge!

What are you both planning today? Are you following the book or one of the online versions of the diet? (I first came across it in a magazine and it's still online).

rumple · 24/11/2010 11:18

I'm 8 weeks into it and have lost 8lb, aiming for a stone and half. I too have gone up and down on it but overall have lost. Intolerences can make you retain water and gain weight. The harcombe diet forum is really helpful and supportive. I agree you need to be organised but after 3 weeks my sweet cravings had pretty much gone and I've got a v sweet tooth so from that perspective I finding this way of eating really easy. It's misleading calling it a diet as it doesnt restrict amounts and actively encourages you not to go hungry. Stick with it honestly it's worth it.

palomadove · 24/11/2010 13:58

How much have you cheated during that 8 weeks rumple?

I just had a challenge - have been in a meeting in work, which my boss had scheduled for two hours without telling those attending (the meeting is usually much shorter) - but, bless him, he had ordered in food - sandwiches, crisps, fruit juice and fruit.

I picked up some sarnies, but took out the fillings and ate those with the parsley garnish. I did manage to get to the staff canteen afterwards for the salmon and salad I had planned to eat.

I wasn't tempted to eat the bread at all though, which shows how effective it is, after only 3 days, in banishing cravings.

I suspect I have a wheat intolerence - my stomach was definitely flatter this morning, and I'd lost 1lb since Monday.

rumple · 24/11/2010 18:20

Well done coping at meeting, completely sympathise about it being tricky at work. I've started at a new office recently and I'm very aware what it must look like to others with my bizarre lunches!
I've properly cheated on 2 wkends we've had people staying. I didn't go mad but I did drink and went up a couple of pounds. I was going up and down even on phase 1. I was going up 2lbs in a day and had a sore bloated tummy so started weighing everyday and started a food diary. Tomatoes of all things seemed the culprit and avoiding them has helped but last few days have gone up a lb so it's more investigating of what I'm eating and experimenting.
Good luck and great news about a flatter tummy (that's something that's plagued me till now - needing 2 sets of clothes!)

palomadove · 25/11/2010 10:47

Hurrah! 2lb lost since Monday - the cravings have certainly diminished, if not gone completely - though I did feel like a glass of wine last night (in the pub, everyone else drinking while I had mineral water).

Friends around for a curry tomorrow night - I'm cooking - but can I avoid the alcohol? Am planning to make a lassi with mint but no sugar to keep me going.

How is everyone else doing? Especially tiggyhop who started this thread?

rumple · 28/11/2010 10:55

Hi palomadove,
I hope you got through phase 1 and your dinner with friends OK. Just to let you know there is an open day on the Harcombe forum. Where Zoe is answering questions.
Good luck with phase 2, don't get put off if you put weigh on. I have definately gone up (and down) just needs some experimenting to see what you might be sensitive to.

tiggyhop · 29/11/2010 00:06

Hi everyone, am back - have lost 3lbs but am staying on phase 1 for next week as I wasn't too great at being strict (US Thanksgiving) is everyone else doing (sorry for the silence it has been hectic here).

OP posts:
tiggyhop · 30/11/2010 16:28

OK everyone where are you? We are a week in - everyone post how they are doing after a week.

I can report a 3lb loss so 7lbs to go. Big push from today. (Would have done much better but fizzy wine and chocolate raisins last night are certainly NOT on ZH's list...) Will do better today, I promise. Good start with 2 boiled eggs for breakfast and soup for lunch.

OP posts:
tiggyhop · 30/11/2010 17:56


OP posts:
palomadove · 04/12/2010 18:20

Two weeks in (all Phase 1) and had lost 4lb - dinner with friends was ok, I avoided the pud, but did drink wine.

But now in the middle of a weekend away and went to a dinner last week. So I hope I don't get on the scales and find it's all gone back on. Am trying to avoid bread, but am really on Phase 3 including puddings and wine!

I will go back to it on Monday though, and not weigh until later in the week.

Well done tiggyhop, and thanks for the link rumple, though think I have missed the Q&A. How are you doing?

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