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Calling Woodpops, please!

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Merlot · 16/09/2005 14:59


Hope you dont mind me calling you

Its just that I had a bit of grief from the doctor today about LL being an extreme diet and that the weight will go back on etc...

I am normally a real advocat for Weight Watchers and I know that you have joined WW to maintain.

Can I ask you how that is going?

When you first joined WW did you put on a shed load of weight... because you started eating food again.

Are you still trying to lose weight through WW?

Sorry for being so nosey, its just that I think this is the way I see LL working for me. Get off the real excess quickly and then work on keeping it off through WW.


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Merlot · 17/09/2005 11:57


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Merlot · 20/09/2005 09:07

Woodpops?? You dont seem to have been around recently, so thought I would bump again.

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moonshine · 21/09/2005 10:18

Merlot - I believe WP posted not so long ago that she wouldn't have access to a PC for a while, so she won't be around I'm afraid.

Merlot · 21/09/2005 11:50

thanks moonshine

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