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Lunch ideas - stuck in a rut

5 replies

sweetheart · 28/10/2010 12:47

I am sick to death of no point soup and ham salad!

I mostly follow weight watchers - loosely!

What are your low fat lunches that will inspire me?

OP posts:
willali · 28/10/2010 13:13

I loosely follow WW too when I feel the jeans are a little tight!

These are the sort of lunches I do when thinking thin:

Hoummous, Crudites, 2 x Ryvita (3 points)

Tuna sandwich, snack a jacks, (6 points)

Pepper stuffed with couscous & feta and salad (4 points)

Baked potato (2 points) with beans, tuna, hoummous etc (another 2 ish points)

Ryvita with tuna mayo (3 points)

Always have a no fat yoghurt or a no sugar jelly pot for afters and don't eat meat for evening meal (do have loads of Quorn though!) so evening meal often less than 6 points

HTH Grin

sweetheart · 28/10/2010 14:31

willali - do you wat the ryvita dry?

My evening meals are usually between 8 and 10 points so I try and stick to less than 5 for lunch. How is a jacket pot 2 points? I would have said it was more like 4 or 5!

OP posts:
willali · 28/10/2010 18:14

If you have a smallish baked potato it is 2 points according to my WW guidebook plus the filling of course!

Ryvita with no butter is fine if you have Hoummos or tuna mayo etc on it ie something quite moist

ANother good thing is those little individual pots of Philadelphia which is 1.5 points and goes quite far eg on 4 slices of Ryvita (2 points) plus some tomato or cucumber that is a filling lunch for 3.5 points.

10 points is a lot for dinner so I guess you are a big meat eater?? Quorn is the way to go - spag bol, chilli etc tastes just as good but only 1.5 points per portion and most ingredients for a bolog or chilli are no points!

willali · 28/10/2010 18:15

Of course assuming you are on 18 points - if more then 10 points maybe not so bad!

smellmycheese · 28/10/2010 21:29

Sweetheart, if you're not keen on quorn, using turkey mince in things like spag bol and lasagne reduces the points values quite a lot.

For lunch i quite often have one of those dried pasta pots, like a 'pot shot'
They're crap on their own, but if you add a load of cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and some veg the make quite a big lunch for well under 5 points. (as long as i can resist the urge to eat three slices of bread with it!)

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