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Advice for maximising gym membership

2 replies

reikizen · 25/10/2010 08:14

Morning all. We have just bought a family gym membership and I wonder if anyone had any advice for getting the most out of it. What did your kids like doing? When did you use it the most?
I work part time so I know I'll get my worth from it I just wondered about the kids stuff. Thanks

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ivykaty44 · 25/10/2010 09:32

swimming after school - I would pick dd2 up from school in the car and go straight to the pool for a swim a couple of days per week

last thing on a Sunday night to wind down and relax for a swim

half term activities

football on a saturday mornig

reikizen · 25/10/2010 13:14

Great. Did you find you could leave them at the kids activities while you did a class/swim or not? What were the busy times to avoid in your experience?

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