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harassed into dieting

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blizzlj · 19/10/2010 17:41

I have been harassed by my friend to join slimming world. I am size 18 and accept I could do with losing some weight but now is really not the time as emotionally in quite a difficult place. i went to the first class and hated it. It was exactly what i did not want loads of women sitting around talking about how much they had lost. It made me just want to go home and comfort eat more. I don't smoke or drink (much) and eating is about my only solace when everthing is shit. My friend keeps sending me emails asking me how I am getting on, my DH is not supportive and my neighbour who saw me at the class keeps shouting over the road asking me how its going. I feel like I am being harassed into dieting and at the moment just want to cry which makes me want to eat more - I feel like I am in a vicous circle - please help

OP posts:
piscesmoon · 19/10/2010 22:19

It isn't going to work if your heart isn't in it. Save your money and don't go. Why not try exercise instead?

FreudianSlippery · 19/10/2010 22:24

If you need to lose weight there's lots of ways to do it. Slimming world etc is an aquired taste - sounds awful to me personally. I'm doing slim fast and walking more.

Is your friend more overweight than you? Is she desperate for your support? If so you could suggest other ways of losing weight together.

HumphreyCobbler · 19/10/2010 22:26

losing weight is something you can only ever motivate yourself to do, it simply does not come from outside

I would say you don't want to go again and repeat as necessary.

Really, it is none of her business.

Joby1970 · 21/10/2010 11:27

SW is not for everyone - but imagine if you kept it up & followed it for a month & managed to lose 7lbs or more - imagine how that might feel. If you get sore knees they may get slightly better etc. Ultimately its up to you about whether you want to change your eating habits. Remember food is not your friend - its just fuel.

Good luck whatever you decide to do x

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