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What's stopping me???

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peacenow · 15/10/2010 11:56

I just go round in the same old circles, for 4 years I've been trying to lose 1 1/2 stone. I've tried SW, WW, slimfast & even spent over £100 on protein sachets which are now just sat in a box under my bed.Sad

I've been existing in in the same 2 pairs of 'fat' jeans for ages as I don't want to buy an clothes in my current size.

My wardrobe is full of 'slim' gorgeous clothes.

Please, what do I need to give myself the huge kick up the backside I so desperately need.

OP posts:
Joby1970 · 15/10/2010 13:00

exercise ? try a DVD - Jillian Micheal 30 day shred - it might just help

peacenow · 15/10/2010 15:52

yeah exercise is a good one I know, I go in phases with it - how long is the 30 day shred one? thanks

OP posts:
YunoWhatYouDidLastSummer · 15/10/2010 15:56

I can relate to this OP.

The struggle for me is not actually losing the weight, it is getting into the right frame of mind to want to do it. Getting motivated.

It is a very difficult one to prompt.

In the past, I have been kicked up the arse by an unflattering photograph, or catching sight of myself unexpectedly.

How about a goal? A party or Christmas ir something?

Or start something that you can't wriggle out of - running club or tennis ladder or something, so that if you don't do it people will know.

It is something I struggle with myself, so no definitive answers I'm afraid. I shall watch the thread with interest.

Have you tried that online calorie counter... what's it called?

peacenow · 15/10/2010 19:27

thanks YWYDLS - yes I too know exactly what I need to do to lose weight (studied nutrition at uni) Biscuit!!!!!

but my emotional mind keeps over riding my intelligent one Confused

Am interested in online counter though if any-one knows more

OP posts:
Feelingsensitive · 16/10/2010 08:21

You need to find what works for you so its trial and error. I am on the Dukan diet at the moment. I cant say whether its the answer as I have only just started it but its easy to stick to and so far so good. Come and join our thread if you want to check it out.Sorry - Can't do links to other threads!

YunoWhatYouDidLastSummer · 16/10/2010 13:34

Food Focus!!

That was it.

Brilliant site.

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