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has anyone tried the cabbage soup diet?

2 replies

Linnet · 11/10/2010 23:05

A friend of mine did the cabbage soup diet and lost 10lbs in 7 days.

Has anyone else ever done this diet and is it really that easy to drop 10lbs so quickly?

OP posts:
AnnieLobeseder · 11/10/2010 23:09

I've tried twice, never got past day 4, it's a starvation diet and very hard to stick to.

Unless you need to lose the weight in a hurry to fit into an outfit for a special event, it's a waste of time anyway, since the weight loss isn't 'real', and you'll only put it back on when you start to eat normally.

The only real way to lose weight is eat less processed crap, eat more natural food in sensible portions and move more.

Butterbur · 13/10/2010 13:27

I tried it years ago. You soon get fed up of the taste of the soup, which really isn't at all satisfying. And it made me fart dreadfully.

In seven days, I think a lot of what you lose is the contents of your gut, and not long term weight loss.

In general, soup is great though, as it's hot and with a slice of toast, is quite filling. It makes a good lunch.

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