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Mumsnet Mamas 2005 Week 34

12 replies

Yorkiegirl · 05/09/2005 22:13

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
MarsLady · 05/09/2005 22:42

Hi, I've emailed you my new starting weight. I'm signing in and here we go.

I'm gonna try to give up alcohol in the week (so should drop half a dozen stone by Saturday lol). I'm swapping my white bread, pasta etc with wholemeal and granary.

I'm gonna take up walking again (power walking in the evenings) and hopefully I will see some weight loss.

Fennel · 07/09/2005 20:34

i am here but not posting much as not really losing any weight - still on school holidays here (are we the last family in the UK not to have started back?) so still less exercise. am feeling lazy but next week will be a reformed character.....

roisin · 07/09/2005 21:35

I'm back on the waggon! I am following WW plan - full choice for 2 weeks, then probably no count thereafter. I could have 20 points, but am trying to be good and have just 18 per day for the first week. So far (3 day in!) it seems to be going very well.

What day do you want stats emailing YG?

Yorkiegirl · 07/09/2005 21:37

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
roisin · 07/09/2005 21:38

Btw walking is great exercise.
I was walking 2 miles (to work and back) 3 times a week
plus 1 mile (to school and back) 7 times a week.
Since stopping that I've put over a stone back on

Loobz · 07/09/2005 22:22

I'm still lurking too but haven't been able to get weighed - still have the dreaded plaster on!

BethAndHerBrood · 08/09/2005 18:19

I've lost 2lbs this week, i can't believe it!!

I am now the lightest i have been this year!! (and for a long time!!)

MadameButterfly · 09/09/2005 13:30

HI there,

I keep forgetting to email my weight to you each week.

As of next week DD will be with her grandparents on a wednesday so I should be able to do it then.

I lost 0.5lbs this week.

That is a total of 12lbs since the start of the year.

DP has said that when I lose another 8lbs I can have a new dress for his works Xmas do on Dec 3rd.

After that I will have 1st to go, hopefully by march 1st when our new house is due to be finished.

Fennel · 13/09/2005 15:16

hi where is last week's total?

have been in poland for 4 days, and despite hating the food, and there not being much wine to swig, managed to put on 5lb. How why ? it took me about 2 months to lose that and 4 days to put it on while not even enjoying food... (dumplings, lard fritters, yuk yuk yuk).
some things are not fair...

Yorkiegirl · 13/09/2005 15:22

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Fennel · 13/09/2005 15:23

hi yorkie

i need last week's total as this week's will be too bad to post...

Yorkiegirl · 17/09/2005 21:23

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
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