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Anyone wants to do "WeightWatchers" for free?South London area. area

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julinka · 16/09/2010 13:48

Hi Guys,

This is just the thought,instead of paying the weekly fee,if anyone is interested we could make our own group and support each other throughout the process of losing weight.

We would follow similar principles as WW but have our own meetings in our homes(or cafe).

The success of WW is mainly because of their meetings and support of members,so I thought we could give it a go :)

x x


OP posts:
TheLadyEvenstar · 16/09/2010 22:55

I am up for it

Amanderrr · 20/09/2010 00:13

Hi Julinka,

I'm at goal having followed the WW plan and used to go to meetings. Back in 2002 I lost five and a half stone and have mostly kept it off.

I now keep re-gaining and losing the same 7lbs and am starting to feel a bit daft when I end up back at WW meetings with the extra half a stone but I really need the support to keep me on track. Listening to what works for others and hearing about their weight loss keeps me motivated. When I've only got myself to answer to I don't worry about portion sizes or over doing the treats.

I'd love to come along or would be happy to hold the group here but it depends what area of South London you're all in. I'm in the Croydon area but am happy to jump on a train/bus if you're not much further away. Smile

TheLadyEvenstar · 20/09/2010 12:05

I am in Peckham area ... only thing is I have DS2 to bring with me

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