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Plumpette · 18/08/2010 14:36

Can you tell me roughly how many points would be in a desert spoon of uncooked rice

how many dry pasta twirls make up a point?


I would like to do WW but it's very expensive imo. I'm sure I can eat a weight watchers type of diet with a bit of assistance from MN.

If a can of chick peas eg are 100 cals per 100grms, and 2grms of fat, how do you work out the points.

all veg except potatoes are free aren't they?

What about fruit?

OP posts:
countydurhamlass · 18/08/2010 18:40

have a look on ebay and you can usually buy ww booklets etc from there. i did and managed to lose 3st. peas are also counted (about half a tin is 1pt i think.

things that are high in points include red meat, eg burgers, minced beef, cheese, i have some booklets etc which if you want i can scan and email to you. they are out of date as they are a few years old but still work,

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