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anyone do Tesco diets or anything similar

3 replies

racmac · 18/08/2010 08:29

How do you find them? Are they worth it?

Thinking about trying Tesco because i have quite a lot of clubcards and can get 6 months on Tesco diet but not sure whether worth it?

I dont have much to loose - only 1 stone

OP posts:
TitsalinaBumSquash · 18/08/2010 08:33

In my opinion Tesco/Closer or what ever diets are a waste of money, all they do is set you out a low calorie diet plan which you can get free elsewhere and they are very expensive.

Have you tried this?

racmac · 19/08/2010 08:46

thanks for that - i just registered and did my food log for yesterday - very good

although i cant find 30 day shred for logging the exercise!

OP posts:
LauraTescoDiets · 23/08/2010 15:17

Hi Racmac,
Welcome to Tesco Diets, I'm glad you are finding your plan helpful. Don't forget that you have your own personal mentor and nutrition experts to phone or email if you are having any problems.
Not sure what you mean about "30 day shred for logging exercise" but send us an email at [email protected] and we will certainly help you out".
Tesco Diets

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