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Slimming World's bodyOptimise - anyone doing it?

3 replies

flumperoo · 22/07/2010 08:20

I'm really keen to follow Slimming World. I've followed it previously using just the books with lots of success. However, I'm now living abroad and can't get hold of the books. I'd really like to try the internet version, but at 60 quid for the 3 month most basic package, it seems expensive. What do you actually get for your money? Is it worth it?

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Joby1970 · 22/07/2010 12:30

try ebay for the books

Firawla · 22/07/2010 14:09

im doing it, yes it is quite expensive but thought i would give it a try.
tbh its not a lot for the money but if it gives you the tools to use to help you get used to following slimming world then its worth it, i had never done it before so finding it useful to access the website. if you have done it before and know how to follow it then it may not be worth the money for you.

you get:

online food diary thing
exercise logging thing
progress page
syns calculator and synvalue finding out tools
some stories of peoples success motivation etc
some activity fact files of different exercises

i cant think what else, i mainly use the top few mentioned

i dont know whether ill renew the membership again or just try and keep it up myself after the 3 months

flumperoo · 23/07/2010 09:22


Thanks for replies. I would get the books on ebay but I can't get them delivered to the country I'm in. Maybe I'll try and get hold of the books the next time I"m in England

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