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Pedometer Club - Let's start again on September 3!

10 replies

Earlybird · 21/08/2005 19:58

Looks as if our Pedometer Club has fallen apart over the summer holidays. I'm currently in America, but due back on 1 September. I suggest we try to reactivate the group by counting steps from Saturday, 3 September.

I desperately need it, as my holiday has been one of physical inactivity due to extreme heat.....Anyone else up for it?

OP posts:
MadameButterfly · 22/08/2005 12:11

Sounds good to me..

Just post your own results though as I can't gaurantee that I will be able to get to the library every week to do them.

Earlybird · 22/08/2005 14:17

Thanks for the response Madame Butterfly. Have you quit wearing your pedometer over the summer? I have, as the totals were so pitiful.

The lack of routine during the summer break has wreaked havoc with any regular attempts at physical exercise for me - and looks like for others too. But with a Sept 3 target start date, I'm looking forward to walking again. I hope we'll be joined by some of the other former pedometer club faithfuls, and perhaps a few new recruits too!

OP posts:
Earlybird · 23/08/2005 04:18

Anyone interested in joining us?

OP posts:
Copper · 23/08/2005 07:48

Which pedometer would you recommend? Nothing too bells and whistles - I cant even cope with the video controller! But I would like to know calories used as well as steps/miles

Earlybird · 23/08/2005 14:08

I'm on holiday at the moment, so don't have mine with me. But, I got it at a camping/outdoors shop for about 15pounds. It's more durable and has a few more features than the cheapie ones, but obviously not as ludicrously expensive as the fancy ones sold in runners shops. If programmed correctly, it will register all the things you mentioned.

OP posts:
Posey · 24/08/2005 19:36

I'll be up for it again come September. Really didn't like wearing it in hotter weather with few clothes on, too obvious.

Copper - mine is a sporty one, was expensive-ish because I was doing the moonwalk and wanted it to be deadly accurate, which it is. But I borrowed mil's at weekend and found it also v. accurate. It was £5 in M&S.

sarochka · 28/08/2005 20:08

mmn I'd like to join in this with you please. I am going to go and get a new pedometer tomorrow as mine just went haywire. I need to do something and this I know is a great way of motivating self.

BethAndHerBrood · 28/08/2005 22:12

I could be interested, what does it involve?? I walk a fair bit, school run and so on, but probably don't do as much as i could. If anyone could shed some light, i would appreciate that!!

lilibet · 29/08/2005 10:31

Yes, I'd be up for this, ben calorie counting for a few weeks and although heading in the right direction, I'm doing far too slowly and a bit of exercise would hopefully speed things up

MadameButterfly · 01/09/2005 11:07

Hi all

this is my recommendation for the best pedometer as you can adjust the sensitivity.

For those of you that are new to this, count your steps from Saturday moringh until friday night and post your results when you can the following week.

You could email me if you want at janreid 2003 at yahoo dot co dot uk if you want and I will try to get them posted on a monday morning.

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